Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Daisy Duck

Mo Brabus is doing some house cleaning today and making the site better for us all. I stole a post from a forum member re the updates.
(yes, my packs are moving again (earning) so am purchasing again too. looking good my friends.)

"In a nutshell, the 10 page surfing requirements have been temporarily turned off for all members. They are eliminating the confusion to have one ad pack vs having multiple ad packs that say founder, standard, etc...

The software changes could take about two weeks to complete but once it's finished, there will only be one ad pack option like you see now available to purchase. When the update is complete, the system will automatically detect if a member if free/standard/Founder and know if they have to surf to earn.

Those who purchased no surfing ad packs will have their wallet credited back soon. They can then use that to purchase the standard ad packs.

It simplifies things so we only have one option to buy."


DigAdz - been doing my daily Digs and earning daily also. With all the new plans coming, I hope to see more action here before long.

OneLineAd - the launch for their new plan yesterday ran perfectly. I purchased my daily sub and it 'cycled' in no time which created a new position in level 2, and that one cycled for me today. Also since this IS a daily sub plan, each day my $1 goes in to buy a new one to keep it moving along. All in all, I'd say this launch was a true success.

Yesterday afternoon, there was a knock on my door. Was some young guy with a long ponytail. New neighbor I think.
- Can I help you?
"Yes, I had my pet duck outside to get some fresh air and she tried to fly. I think she landed in your backyard. Can I go back there and look for her?"
- Sure go ahead. There's no gate so you can just walk right in.
So he walks through the foot of snow back there and sees his duck in a huge snow drift up against the side fence.
"Daisy. What are you doing there? Did you get stuck in the snow? LOL"
Now of course she was quacking up a storm the entire time until he picked her up and she knew she was safe again.

But did he really just call her Daisy? hehe

I swear, as soon as he said that, I couldn't help but laugh and pictured this gal being stuck in my backyard. Seriously though, Daisy Duck. How cute is that?

Dang! Guess I should have asked him if he owned that Big Chicken too but didn't think about it at the time.

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