Tuesday, February 10, 2015

OneLineAd delay

With luck, Digadz should be back to normal tomorrow.
Fingers crossed xxxxx

OneLineAd is postponed again.
Looks like it will be the 23rd until further notice.

Dear Blondie,

Greetings for today and warm welcome to all our new members.

We are glad to inform all our members that the programmers are on the verge to complete coding and the website will be updated with the new Compensation Plan along with the customized software on February 12th, 2015. We are super excited to offer something which is different and powerful to all our members.

This time One Line Ad will have a Beta Test because we want to offer flawless program to our members. Please note that Beta Test will be carried out on the same website and not the different link.

We will credit all the members' cash wallet with $100 just for testing and that will be a play money. Database will remain intact hence no members will have to be worried for their current balances in cash wallets. Please know that we have already taken backup of current database.

Now a brief information about the new Compensation Plan:

1) Daily Subscription based Straight Line Cycler
2) One time membership fees
3) Membership fees will be distributed 2 levels deep
3) Matching Bonus for sponsors
4) Daily Sub Wallet will be credited with little amount of funds from the earning
5) Members will be able to move their earning from Earning to Cash Wallets and increase number of Daily Subs.
6) Minimum deposit is set at $15 and minimum withdrawal is $7.00

Beta test will commence on February 18th and if everything goes well then One Line Ad will launch on February 23rd.

In our previous update we had mentioned that we will not launch Straight Line cycler but never mentioned that the new Compensation Plan will be based on a daily subscription payments. We did it purposely.

We are confident about the new income stream because as compared to Matrix cycler, Straight Line Cycler along with Daily Subscription Payments is far more superior because Straight Lines never get wider and Cycling speed of positions remains constant.

Kindly Stay tuned for the next update.


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