Monday, February 23, 2015

OneLineAd re-opening on Tuesday

Well, I decided I will play in OneLineAd when it opens tomorrow. The starting cost is reasonable at $18.00 which includes your $3 membership fee and $1 daily subscription for 15 days.

This launches tomorrow at 10:00 AM EST and funding is open now. So my plan is to fund today and purchase my $3 membership so that tomorrow I'll be ready to buy my $1 subscription as soon as the countdown timer hits zero.

Plus I think it was nice of them to give those who were not at BEP their lost funds back to get them started in the new round.

Dear OneLineAd Member,

We did, as promised that old database has been restored and members who were below break even point have got credited remaining balances back in their respective payment processors and available in the members' area with One Line Ad.

We would like to inform once again, new Compensation Plan is “First ever straight line cycler with daily subscription payment”. A member need to pay onetime upgrade fee of $3 and $15 required to purchase each daily subscription ad pack to cover 15 days payments and generate more and more passive income to all OneLineAd family.

As you are aware, OneLineAd team always reward top sponsors, hence we are announcing referral contest and the rewards for top 3 sponsors as follows:

1St Position will be rewarded with $50.00 Added to earning balance

2nd Position will be rewarded with $30.00 Added to earning balance

3rd Position will be rewarded with $20.00 Added to earning balance

Member registrations are improving minute by minute and we are happy to inform you that more than 45% members have already funded their accounts. We are observing the speed of funding and how members are eager to enjoy the ride of our One Line Ad unique daily subscription based straight line compensation plan.

No more waiting… we are happy to share every moment with you. All the members can generate more and more passive income with

We encourage each and every member to grab this Unique opportunity.

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