Friday, June 5, 2015

TGIF Updates

As posted yesterday, UTCycler will now be launching on Tues, June 9th due an STP delay. You can fund at any time but I prefer to wait until the launch time gets a little closer. Maybe it just gets me more excited that way, LOL

AssetOrder is doing extremely well and today is my 11th day of earning 9% (on my first spend that is) which means, tomorrow will be a profit day on that first spend. Great Job Admin!

It's only been 10 days since ACX raised their daily sales commission to 5%. Then today I got an email from them notifying us that it's now 6%! Yes, I bought a few more ad packs to keep it rolling. Why not eh?  

New Variable DSC Rate is 6% Per Day

As of today, all new Ad or Media Packs purchased with New
Money will earn 6% a day (3% on weekends).  It's amazing
that ACX can continue to pay huge daily earnings with our
New "Breakthrough" Variable DSC Program!

So, what does 6% a day really mean?

It means Members who purchase now will earn 36% a week.
that's 100% in less than three weeks and 150% in just 30 days.
WOW!!! 150% in One Month!!!


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