Tuesday, June 9, 2015

UTCycler Update

Well I was gonna write something about this launch but this email update pretty much says it all:

Dear Partner,

Thanks for supporting this program, we are very much greatful.

Today UTCycler was officially launch and AD SHARES purchase button enabled. The launch was fine however it is important that we address some important issues noticed

1) Referral Commission: Ref com was not correctly credited however we would manually resolve all issues with ref com to make sure our members are rightly rewarded for their efforts.

2) Compounding Button: This is to be ignored. If you have bought AD SHARE all you need to do is surf the required number of website and be ready for daily earning.

We are still studying the launch and havd started fixing issues with ref com, however we sure need time because it is a manual process.

Thanks for Now,


AssetOrder has been doing really great and since it's over 14 days old now, I am officially in profit, YaY!
I do have a few more 'spends' running and enjoying every one of them.
Great Job Admin!

ACX continues to perform well and my pay is quite nice. Yes I've been purchasing ad/media packs on a regular basis and still enjoying the 6% daily earnings on the newer ones and 5% or 4% etc on the older ones.


doomcrew said...

No earnings credited after two days of surfing, whats the deal?

blondie said...

Learning as we go...

Earnings are credited after the 24 hour mark from when you made your purchase.

Just be sure to surf daily... 10 if you used the bonus $5 to purchase with also.