Thursday, June 4, 2015

UTCycler Launch Postponed

Short on time right now but wanted to mention the UTCycler Launch has just been postponed until Tuesday. Oh TG, I have other things that absolutely need to get done tomorrow anyway.

"Greetings and thanks for being a part of Ultimate Traffic Cycler.

We bring to your attention that the official program launch has to be moved to 11:00 AM EST on Tuesday, June 9th, 2015 due to the STP Approval button not being enabled. 

We already received the button but due to some changes we are required to go through the process again. This usually takes one business day and we are hopeful this would be approved by Friday. However given the delay it may not give enough time for members intending to participate via STP. Members who intend to use any other payment processors to fund their account can proceed as funding buttons have been enabled.

UTCycler is a sure and secured advertising and earning community. This shift in launch gives members last minute opportunity to share their links with others, promote and share this amazing program with everyone.
Thank you for your time and commitment to UTCycler.

UTCycler Admin Team"


RIP my friend. Cheers :) 

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