Thursday, June 11, 2015

Good Morning!

Now I know I've told you before about the Big Chicken in my neighborhood. Well he lives 2 houses down from me.
This is that time of year where it's too warm to close the window at night but too cold to run a fan in it. So every morning, promptly at 4:00 AM, this is what I hear...

Bless his feathery little head but I sure wish he could wait until 6 AM. Wonder if they make "sleep masks" in Rooster size? lol

Is everybody doing OK in UTCycler?
Did you receive the update sent out last night?
It may have sounded a bit confusing and some members are still not sure what time of day they need to surf SO for today, the Admin has Turned OFF the surfing requirement so that everyone can be paid their daily Rev Share. Which today was 5.1%. Not too shabby :)

ACX: I just keep surfing and earning and getting paid which I normally receive within 2 days or so after request.

AssetOrder is doing a bangup job so far too and I do love those Instant Payments! Keep it up Admin and more power to you!
** As of June 16th, GAME OVER.

ShowBizHits, it's Thursday and that means entering Surf Code "clover" will earn you 75 ad credits after surfing 25 sites. Piece of cake. Thanks Gals.


Rusty said...

ASX is going great,being a Silver and Gold member I never have to surf,just click on GetPaid,I was in JBP,done very well there,best paying program ever,playing small but doing well making over 30 a day,keeping an eye for any change as to when the shift is coming.

Grace Haki said...

i hope im not too late to get back to ACX again.

blondie said...

I hope so too Grace.
I assume you're receiving their updates so you know what what their plan is this time. It's been good so far :)

Anonymous said...

AssetOrder scam?

blondie said...

Nope. I wouldn't call it a scam.
It ran for 21 days and paid instantly.
Unfortunately it just ran it's course.

Anonymous said...

How many times needs AC Panel to fill out?

blondie said...

I think 6 under you.
Click on Ad Panels then click on Manage for one of them.
It displays a picture of your panel.

It's been years since I completed a panel so I don't really keep an eye on them.