Tuesday, March 10, 2015

New Program set for March 17th

One week from today OneRevShare will launch.
I had originally debated on playing in this one but since the Owner-Admin is the same as OneLineAd, I decided to go for it. OLA has been doing very well and running flawlessly since it opened on February 24th.

Now OneRevShare is not a subscription type program.
It has 3 different plans to chose from. Or you can play in them all if you like. 
- Min deposit is $3 and min cash out is also $3
- Daily withdrawals
- Plans cost $1, $3 or $5
- They accept STP, Payza and PM
- No surfing required
- Each plan is separate. You do not have to start in plan 1.
- Profit share will be distributed every 60 minutes.
All of the above can be found on the Details and FAQ pages.
Originally set to launch in the wee hours of my morning, it has been changed to a decent 11:00 AM EST (actually EDT) opening. Whew!
OK then, hope to see you there.

Speaking of OneLineAd, this morning I completed another Stage 2 sub which bought me another Stage 3 sub AND I'm also climbing the ladder to complete a Stage 4 (final) sub plan. Now that's good news and it only cost me $1 per day :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Blondie

Can I ask something?

What Onlinejobs pay in Paypal?

Thank you

blondie said...

Online "Jobs"?
I have no idea.

Most of the programs (games) I play in do not accept PayPal. A few of them might but PayPal has very strict rules about who they allow in.
You can find one here or there that uses it, but not too many.