Monday, March 2, 2015

No Surprises

EpicAdProfits will open tomorrow at 9 AM EST.
There has been a change in how it's going to work and the details are in the Details page link on the site.
Please Read That Page Carefully.

- revenue sharing is capped at 12% daily
- a new repurchase rule has been put into place
- minimum withdraw is $10

but you can combine your repurchase funds and cash balance funds to make new purchases so... again I stress for all members to read the Details page more than once so there are no surprises at launch.

As mentioned before, the Admin "redhammer" is active in the MMG forum and here's his post from this morning if you're interested.

Am happy to report that in OneLineAd I have completed my first Stage 3 unit and now have a Stage 4 in the running. Been moving along really nice since it reopened.
This is not one of those programs where you had to be first in line to earn since it's a daily subscription and we're all purchasing on a daily basis.

On a personal note... my clothes washer broke a few days ago. Not quite sure what I'm going to do about that yet.

But at least I can watch "The Bachelor" tonight to take my mind off of my worries. Only 1 more episode and then the final rose next week.
BTW, this has to be my favorite bachelor so far, farmer Chris from Iowa.

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