Friday, March 27, 2015

OMG It's Friday Already?

Not sure how the week got away from me, but it did.
Well, at least I've managed to get my tax returns done before the last minute this year. Guess I should pat myself on the back for that, eh.

Advertzer is doing great and I'm really glad that I got involved with them. The daily clicks you need to do don't take very long at all. The payouts are super fast and have all been sent to me in a matter of hours.
The only wait time is if you need to submit a support ticket for something. That's one area they need to work on but overall, I'm really happy with it :)

Digadz is hanging in there even though earnings have slowed to a crawl. I'm still at the same level that I've been at for months now and am able to cash out every so often. Hopefully when the site finishes with it's improvements, things will pick up again.

MoBrabus will be returning on the 31st so am keeping my eyes open for that.

That's about it for now.
I ditched a couple more of my side banners earlier this week because I'm pretty sure if you put funds into those today, you'll never see a return and I hate to see that happen to anyone.

You guys remember the Big Chicken wandering around my backyard awhile back?

Well last night, sitting here at my desk, facing the front window I hear this loud "wah wah wah" type of sound. Looked out front to see the Big Chicken running down the middle of the street screaming.

Holy cow, what's going on?

Right behind him is his owner (my new neighbor) along with a few of his friends running after the chicken. Of course the closer they got to the chicken, the faster the chicken ran and the louder he screamed.

So the BC ran across the street, up and down the lawns and driveways, under bushes, around cars etc until finally he ran towards my house.

Now by this time, I'm out of my chair, standing at the window, watching his moves, laughing my ass off and the next thing I know... BANG! The damn chicken tried to fly (jump) through my front window.

OMG poor chicken! Is he OK?
Yeah he's fine and his 'daddy' quickly grabbed him and took him home.

Now all that excitement was sort of fun for my quiet little street BUT you should have seen the look on my Cat's faces when it was all over! I swear it took them a good hour to settle down and stop watching the window for that crazy big flying chicken, LOL


Gord said...

The Big Chicken is Back!


Thanks for sharing and the updates as always.

blondie said...

Yeah, my Subject Line should have been:
"Return of the Big Chicken" lol

Thanks Gord :)