Sunday, May 26, 2013


Private Program: site is down. Here's their facebook message:
The site is still down as of now. Tech guys arent around yet. FEF is not running away so everyone please there is no need to post panic enhancing messages. OK? Stay relaxed. Its a Sunday. Do all your household stuffs prolly . Enjoy the family, then come back later to see if FEF site is fine.
I left the initials of the program in the note since I'm not sending out my link any longer. Figured there was no harm in doing so.

Later in the day: Site is Up and Running! 

Profit Clicking just cancelled ALL of my withdraw requests in Basic from January 26th and put the money back into my wallet. Now weren't those the same withdraw requests that were originally from last October, cancelled in January, then we had to re-submit them all?
Oh good grief :(

Also when you buy a Premium Ad Pack now, the option to use 20% of your Basic funds has been removed.

Gold Alliance Fund: it's the weekend. No earnings until the next business day. UPDATE:

Dear Gold Alliance Fund Member,

With the recent events of the payment processor Liberty Reserve going offline and news spreading that the owner has been arrested, we are forced to look at a compromise for our members who have made deposits through Liberty Reserve.

We have taken the time since Liberty Reserve went down to explore all possibilities that will benefit our members and not compromise our business. We have tried to view the situation from both the members view point, as well as from the management side and feel a compromise has to be made between the two points.

The funds GAF had in LR are no longer accessible for our traders to work with and as such we cannot make any profits from them. Simply converting all LR investments over to another processor will not be a feasible solution as this would in effect increase the interest rate we are currently paying our members. We are confident of sustaining the current rates which we have stated on our site. Increasing the rate will only increase the risk for all members.

Payments have still been going out for all other processors since they were not affected in any way. If we were not committed to our members we could simply have closed down. This is not what we want to do. Our first commitment will always be to our members and giving them financial stability, which is something severely lacking around the world today. Nothing gives us greater joy than hearing from our happy members on forums, monitors, through emails and recently through the testimonial contest we opened.

We are aware that other investment programs issued newsletters immediately, stating how they will deal with this situation. Looking at their statements we can't help but feel it was a rushed decision, not taking into consideration both members and their business, which we feel, will eventually leave one of the involved parties at a loss.

After running the figures and much debate on our goals, we have settled on the following, which we believe will benefit both GAF and its members.

Those who have deposits in LR can now deposit using any of the other processors listed and receive a 20% bonus added to their new investment. This does not count for people who had not used LR and will only be available up to the original amount invested from LR.

For example, a member who had deposited $1 000 from LR, can now deposit to any other processor and will be awarded with a maximum bonus of $200. This will be done manually and with over 2000 members who invested using LR, it will take some time to complete them all. Please submit a support ticket after making your new deposit and be patient as we tend to you.

In making this compromise for our members we ask only for your continued commitment and support. Nothing motivates others like reading from happy members on forums, monitors and blogs. Share GAF with the world while we keep sharing the profits with you. Our first commitment will always be to serve you.

GAF CEO and Staff


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