Thursday, May 30, 2013

RAF and ismAI News, plus more

Too windy to go outside today so I guess you're stuck with me. Glad I did some lawn fertilizing yesterday in between the rain showers.

Gold Alliance Fund
Dear GAF members,
The best testimonial contest has now ended and the response to it was phenomenal! The 10 winners who will each receive a $45 investment credited to their account will be announced on Friday. Thank you for your submissions and we wish you the best of luck!

And if you weren't able to participate in the contest for some reason, don't worry; there's a new surprise competition waiting for you in the forthcoming newsletter!

Yours Sincerely,
GAF CEO and Staff

I didn't join the contest since I only became a member on the 21st. Hardly enough time to be 'life changing'. But that's OK and I'll be looking forward to the new surprise, whatever it is.

NEO Mutual: all is running smooth and requested my weekly payout today. Yes I do them weekly to save on pay processor fees.

Profit Reference: have seen some payments posted in the forum today. That's good news for sure. If you're still waiting on one, I do hope you're on his list to be paid soon.

Click Paid: was just going to do my daily surfing and noticed this:

Greetings Click Paid IBOs!

We hope your week is going as well as ours! Today we have more great news: Live Trainings are now an active feature on the Click Paid website! The link to the scheduled trainings can be found on the Dashboard side navigation menu under My Knowledge Center -- Training Programs.

Please take advantage of this great opportunity to improve your own experience and follow up with your team members to make sure they are aware. Our trainings are custom tailored to fit the experience of all of our members, and are the quickest way to get you earning big!

Keep having a great week!
-- The Click Paid Team

written by Russell ISMmagic, May 30, 2013 

ismAdsIncome & RAF Restructure 

To say that the demise of Liberty Reserve created a severe financial issue for us would be the understatement of the year. Many facing such an issue would have closed their doors and walked away; we do not see that as being morally acceptable and will restructure ismAI and RAF to ensure their ongoing viability for the benefit of the members. 
All earnings, re-purchases and e-wallet transactions will be rolled back to the 31st March 2013. 

We will calculate a “combined balance for each member” based on 
1.+ Referral commission to 31st March 
2.+ Earnings to 31st March 
3.+ Capital Balance, being unexpired portion of active units as at 31st March + external purchases after 31st March 
4.- Withdrawals paid (including withdrawals to the e-wallet up to 31st March). 

The balances for both sites will be combined then split into 
1.Free balance = purchases via external processors less withdrawals to external processors if greater than zero. This balance will be available for members to withdraw. 
2.The rest will be converted into units. 

There will be two sites ongoing, your balance will be added to 
1.ismAdsIncome for non EU members 
2.RAF for EU members. 

Both sites will have $10 units paying profit share of 1.5% per day for 100 working days (Mon-Fri)
Each $10 unit will attract 3000 x 3 ad credits on (the applicable) site + 500 ismMagic “Magic Points” 
You will have to be a member of ismMagic to access either site. 
Earnings on the restructured units will commence from 1st July 2013. 

Referral Commissions will be 
5%, 3% & 1% on new purchases 
3% & 1% on re-purchases and e-wallet purchases 
All ongoing referral commissions may only be used to purchase ad units. 

We are working on a “card option” for withdrawals until this is in place we will continue with Solid Trust Pay and EgoPay as our processors. We have looked at other processors but including these will only create added complications. 
We will change the generation of the Magic Code to be done from within ismMagic and a single Magic Code will be used for all Rican programs. For that reason all tickets relating to lost Magic Codes will be deleted. 

Russell ISMmagic
Support Ticket Update
written by Russell ISMmagic, May 30, 2013 

Support Tickets for 

1. Purchases (excludes re-purchases & ismRican e-wallet purchases)not received. 
2. Approved withdrawals not received 

Will be dealt with as part of our re-structure calculation. 

Please note withdrawals paid into members LR accounts, that were subsequently lost as a result of LR's closure are NOT our responsibility.

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