Thursday, May 2, 2013

New Short Term Program

Thanks to those who have asked for my link and instructions for the Short Term Program I mentioned yesterday.
The reason behind me doing the "Private" link is so that anyone who joins under me understands how to succeed in a short term plan without ticking off the Admin or other members.
When you have a good Admin who wants to see everyone do well, then you do what you can to keep the program safe from the HAR types. So bottom line is if you do join from my link, then you agree to "play fair" so that we all win in the long run.

OK, I'll call this my Private program from now on because I would like to keep you updated on how I'm doing.
- Completed my first day (1 day plan) and received my principal plus interest to my account balance. So I reinvested most of it and will let the interest grow for another day before I withdraw. (That will make sense to those who requested my Notes.)
Good Luck to all who joined!

One more note: the RC on the above is 3% and not 5. The site and banners will be corrected soon.

NEO Mutual: received a payment yesterday after 24 hours or less. Very good IMO.

ClickPaid: time to renew my "Premium Membership" if I want to. Gosh, been 30 days already? Hard to believe.
Well, at $9.95 per month I wasn't sure when I paid it if it would be worth it. But since I have some happy referrals who are also bringing in some referrals, I made $16 in 2nd level RC which pays for another month of Premium and gives me $6.05 in profit. Works for me and I'll renew again.

ProfitClicking: Received this email this morning:
In accordance with our new withdrawal limits,
your EgoPay withdrawal request for $120.00 has been cancelled.

Well isn't that just great :(
IMO they should have left the old pending's in the queue since the limit was $1000 the day I made that request. But Noooooo! Now it's $50 max for that pay processor and I gotta start all over again. Argh!!!

RicanAdFunds: just a reminder that the ismRicanEWallet is only for moving money from one program to another. If you request a withdrawal to it, you'll need to spend that money in ismAI or RAF or ismMagic.
If you are wanting to place a withdrawal in RAF then be sure to request it to one of your Pay Processors and NOT the eWallet.
- My member area still looks the same today. One pending and one in-progress cash out requests. OK waiting.

Sol-R Energy: those of you who are out of pocket in Sol-R, try this while the site is still up:
- go to Withdraw Funds.
- enter an amount, your PIN and submit.
- if there IS enough in STP, you will be paid instant.
- if there is NOT enough available in STP, it will go to pending.
- pendings are not being paid so ... 
- go to Withdrawals and cancel the pending.
- one hour later you will be able to try it again.
Good Luck!


HermitJim said...

Thanks for the updates! Always on top of things for us.

blondie said...

Thanks Jim and hope your rain has stopped.
In Sol-R, keep trying to get some funds back. You deserve it.

Carl Johnson said...

I want to join in Short Term Program mentioned! :)

blondie said...

Send me an email Carl to
and I'll send you the info.