Wednesday, May 22, 2013

New (sort of) Program Announced

I have a good friend that has been poking at me to join this one. You all know I don't join every hyip or program that comes along and it takes some confidence on my part to join something and then share it with you.

This one opened on May 10th but at that time I wasn't really ready for a new program, so I put it aside for the time being. Looking at again yesterday and seeing how awesome it had become, I decided not to wait any longer.

GoldAllianceFund offers two different plans.
- 4.5% daily for 45 business days (including principal)
-- earnings on that plan are credited daily at Midnight EST
- 45% biweekly for 8 weeks (principal returned at expiry)
-- earnings on that plan are credited at Midnight EST after every 14 calendar days
- Pay processors are STP, EgoPay, LR and PerfectMoney
- Minimum spend is $10
- Minimum withdraw is $1
- Of course you can have multiple spends
- No fees for deposits or withdrawals
- They use the e-wallet feature
- You can make a new spend from your account balance once it reaches $10 (but first you need to withdraw it to e-wallet, then you can purchase from there)
- One account per person is strictly enforced
- RC is a modest 3% and 2% on two levels

All of the above is in the FAQ's along with:
21. How secure is Gold Alliance Fund?We provide an extremely secure environment to protect all of our investors sensitive information by using advanced 256-bit SSL encryption provided by GeoTrust. Our servers are firewall and DDoS protected by the leading expert of this industry.

After reading the FAQ's last night I was impressed. So easy to read and understand. They show you step by step how to make an investment in item #8. Wow, so easy even a blonde can do it, LOL

So after a quick read through, I put a couple of bills in the first plan. I prefer the daily earning (M-F) as opposed to the biweekly one, but that's just me. I like to see things happening every day rather than having to wait for two weeks. Plus I feel a little safer that way too.

Give a holler if you have any questions but I do think we have another winner here. Oh and remember, HYIP's are always a gamble. Play wisely, don't spend your food money or your rent money. You know the drill :))

Speaking of food money, am off to the store.
Will update on everything else when I return.

Just got home and requested my first payment from GoldAllianceFund. It took the Admin approximately 3 minutes to send my money to STP. Holy Cow! Other than "instant", that's got to be a world record! LOL

ProfitReference: completed another 3 day plan, re-spent my capital, cashed out my earnings. In for another round :)
Excellent update from Admin follows:

Profit Reference is 12 days online and soon approaching the expiries of the Executive plans. We have reached 100K in total deposits and we are moving steadily forward.

Be sure to join the fun at our hot Facebook group, where you can post your payment proof and chat with fellow members. You can also find me there posting actively and many friendly members are willing to give a hand in case you need direction on how to manage with the program.

Link to the group:

You can also find the group link posted on our Facebook page, which probably everyone already knows from the link posted on the front page. You can also post payment proofs there.

Link to the page:

Except on the official Facebook group, you can also post your payment proof on our official public forums. Also, feel invited there to share your strategy in Profit Reference. You can find me posting on the MMG forum.

TG (sticky):
MMG ( sticky):

Add us to your skype. We are always online.You can find the link on the front page.

Thank you for supporting
Lucas Beck (CEO and Founder)

Thanks Lucas for the fabulous job you're doing!

ClickPaid: speaking of breaking records...
Yesterday after surfing (which was about 5 PM my time) I requested a cash out. Last night at 8:31 PM I received it! Whoa!
Today I'm going to be re-purchasing a few more click packs. Just trying to keep the ball rolling (building) along with cashing out some profit.
Thanks ClickPaid team.


ld randi said...

Hello Blondie! :-)
In my opinion Gold Alliance Fund is a good choice, I am in since day 2 and it's performing great.

Good luck to all of us!

blondie said...

Hey Randi,
That's great to hear!
You know I had to read every post in MMG before joining, lol
But they were all good and convinced me I should have joined sooner.
Yep, Good Luck to us all :)

Ben Clark said...

Gday Blondie, i have joined too, after reading your post, i appreciate your feedback on these things, as i'm still new to this stuff, my first intro to money earning online was Profit Clicking, i probably needn't say anynore on that one
Regards from Ben.

blondie said...

Oh that's sad Ben, but don't let that stop you from learning how these games work and how to win.

Thanks for joining GAF.
I'll post about it regularly and appreciate you coming in also.


Brad Tramell said...

Hi once again :) Just signed up underyou for GAF with a small investment of 66$ :D Lets see how it goes :D

blondie said...

Thanks Brad,
It's going great!
Look for your daily earnings to start in about 12-1/2 hours, assuming you chose the first plan.

Brad Tramell said...

Thanks for letting me know, and yes it does look like a great program :D just gotta play it right and not get greedy, and I think we can win with this one ;)

blondie said...

So do I Brad.
But I also think our Admins are getting smarter and not allowing the greedy too much profit, which keeps the playing field running fair for all :)