Thursday, May 23, 2013

All Day...

my mouth has been moving but it's not connecting down to my fingers yet. You ever have a day like that? You know you need to do something but just can't seem to get started. And this morning was a looooong time ago.

Phinanci Update: (see, I didn't forget about them, or you)

** Clarifications**
After all deposits are paid off, Phinanci will close doors and not open again.
We are processing them slowly and steady.

All active deposits were activated to start from 6th of March and credited with 0.25% every day from that date.

We will be giving some bonuses as time and funds allow.
All accounts are being credited with 0.25% for 400 days.
Cashouts are only possible every Friday of the week.

 ** Contact**
As our support system is taken down, you can contact us at Phinanci@live.comPlease re-send your support issue to the aforementioned email so that we can help you.

** FAQ**
We have updated the FAQ page. You can check it from here All necessary info that reflects the restructure is there, as well as at

Best Regards,
Team Phinanci
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GoldAllianceFund: received another payment in record time today! Not 3 minutes like yesterday, but pretty darn fast! Thanks Admin :)

ProfitReference: still have 2 more days before another 3 day plan expires. Oh and my 15 day plan should be expiring then also. Can't Wait!

NEO Mutual: requested a cash out today which I should have tomorrow.

ClickPaid: did my daily surfing and watching my money grow. What else is there to say?

ProfitClicking: still waiting to see what they've got up their sleeve for their miraculous comeback.

Speaking of miraculous comeback, wonder what's going on at the RAF and ismAI sites lately? Anybody have info on that?


Brad Tramell said...

All I can say is "Wow" on the PC basic side, I was earning 190$ a day in the basic....Now just looked at my account and it says "Daily commissions 1.80 a day on weekdays, .90 cents on weekends :( :( I hope these figures are not correct........, did receive my first earnings in GAF 3.00 for the day :)

blondie said...

Morning Brad,
I haven't been to PC yet today but will take a peek now.

Yes, GAF is doing great!

dr.capoon said...

Ad-packs : 0
Ad views : 0
Daily earnings : 0,00 / 0,00

But I did get 82,60 on my balance at the same time.
Don't really know how as it is not shown on financial page.

Nicely played. Well, tomorrow is a new day, as Scarlet would say. Right?
Speaking of G*A*F, it seems to me that there is going on unannounced race for almost instant payouts, between "Private one" and G*A*F, wouldn't you say so ?

blondie said...

Just checked and I'm also at 0 in PC. No big deal since nothing was moving anyway.
All my w/d requests are still there in both basic and premium.

For some reason when I req a payout from the private one, I don't get it that fast. Could be their sleep time. But yes, they are both doing extremely well!