Sunday, May 19, 2013


ProfitReference: just made a new spend while anticipating my latest 3 day'er kicking out in another hour or so :)
- Which it did and I was paid fast!

NEO Mutual: we'll see some action in a few more hours, meaning our daily earnings for Monday.
- Yep, got that too.

ClickPaid: has been doing well and I hope it continues that way. Some seem to think that what happens in PC has an effect on CP. Well it may, it may not. I'm not privy to that sort of information, so all I can say is that ClickPaid has been working just fine for me and lots of others.
- Requested a withdraw and it went right through.

ProfitClicking: I'm going to post a portion of their update cause I found it interesting. Also nice to see them acknowledging the big mess in the program. Be sure to jot down your numbers in Basic before they complete all this stuff so that you will know what the damage really is. Although I AM looking forward to being able to withdraw again. Well... we'll see.

Subject: (^_^) Over Half Completed Already!

Welcome to all our new members!

That.s right, the process Frederick
has planned for the Basic System, in
order to revive it from it.s non-paying
status is already half completed!

In just another 48 hours or so, the Basic
System in Profit Clicking will be running
like new, paying all withdrawal requests
within 24-48 hours again!

Note that when Frederick is done, most
members will not have the same amount of
money available in their Basic Accounts,
but at least the money seen in your
account will be readily available to spend
or withdraw, just as to be expected - read
about the Profit Shift for more information
about what we are planning:

Also please get proficient in earning
money in the PC Panel System - that.s
where a considerable amount of your
Basic System Assets will be located
after Frederick.s plan has been

Keep in mind that before Frederick
offered to help us, the Basic System
was not paying hardly at all - a huge
disappointment for everyone.

With Frederick.s help, we.ll soon be
able to make money quickly, and
recommend Profit Clicking to others
with a good conscience again!



Anjum Mohammad said...

Hi Blondie, i am the member of profitclicking also. Can i get you email ID to communicate for business discussion apart from profit clicking.
My Name is Anjum and my email Id is

dr.capoon said...

Thanks for reminding me about PC-shift. I did took a screen-shots, not that damage can be substantial, just to see and have a knowledge about it.

blondie said...

My email address is right under my picture here in this blog. Just don't spam me, lol

You're welcome dr.capoon.
Yep, not much we can do but just be aware of it.


Brad Tramell said...

Sorry but I just had to comment on the whole "Profit Gears" Program....I can not believe how many people there are out there that just throw tons of money into things blindly, doing no research, no detailed reading.....and now they all want their money back lol.. Wow,these people have no business in online money making if they have no idea what they are doing lol,,,,,just as a laugh, makes me wonder if I could create a site, build the suspense, say a few good things about it and then have people handing hundreds of dollars to me :P :P :P he he he

blondie said...

Sometimes people follow people, not programs. If the person or persons promoting it are well respected, then some will do just that. Spend first, ask questions later.
Unfortunately in this case most were fooled from the get go.
I myself was very cautious as I am getting numb to hype talk. Show me the program, show me the details, show me who's running it and I might consider it. Especially if I think it will work for everyone, not just the promoters.
But I certainly did not want to share something that I had no clue about.
Have a good day.