Saturday, May 11, 2013

Looking for Updates

I am so sleepy today.
My family showed up at bedtime last night and stayed for hours! I slept in this morning but still feel like my brain isn't functioning quite right.
I'll check around and if something is worth sharing, will be back.

Thanks to those who have joined the new Profit Reference program that I wrote about yesterday. It's definitely starting off very good and am seeing a lot of familiar faces in the forum.
My friend Henry and I were just discussing the 3 different plans it offers. In each plan your principal is returned with earnings after the expiry.
- Obviously the 3 day plan is the least risky and pays 115%
- The 7 day plan at 138% didn't really catch my attention so I personally skipped that one. Although I have seen others playing there.
- The 15 day plan which doubles your spend is the highest risk since you have to wait the longest to earn the most. Well... I did add some funds there too. Must be the gambler in me I suppose :)
Anyway, thanks again to all who joined and lets hope for a nice long run with PR.


Anonymous said...

Aren't families great!? lol..


blondie said...

Hi mm,
You know... I love my grand daughter but it was already an hour past her bedtime when they got here.
You know what a tired little girl sounds like? :o
Never realized something so small could be that loud!!