Saturday, May 25, 2013

Liberty Reserve News

Logged on this morning and started hearing news about Liberty Reserve. I quickly checked my account balance (which I have on paper) and TG I didn't have much in there at all. Here's the article that is circulating:

So what will become of our programs that use LR?
Don't know at this point but I'm sure we'll receive a lot of updates about it.

Oh and here's a link to the MMG forum re: the LR situation:

Thanks to mm for sending me that.

ProfitClicking is no longer using Payza.

Profit Clicking no longer uses Payza directly, but we do have a Payza solution.
Members can use their EgoPay account to send and receive funds between their Payza and Profit Clicking account. If you have money in your Payza account and would like to load your Profit Clicking wallet, simply transfer the desired money from Payza to your EgoPay account. If you would like to process a withdrawal from Profit Clicking to your Payza account, request a withdrawal to your Ego Pay account and then transfer the money received to your Payza account. If you do not have an EgoPay account, click here to set one up.

Note from our Private Program:
I was removing LR withdrawal requests to somehow clean the admin panel but I accidentally put a check on some STP requests and they got returned to the account balance. If you have an STP request which was returned to your account balance, please make a request again.

Lets reserve some hopes that LR will be back in business again. For the meantime, all LR requests will be removed and returned to your respective account balance.

GoldAllianceFund: received another payment last night and have decided to cash out today's earnings also. I'm not going to be around later to check things out so might as well make my request before I forget, lol
Everything is going real good here and I just hope that the LR situation doesn't have much of an effect on this program or any other that we're in.

ProfitReference: my 15 day plan expired today and I re-purchased using the principal, but put it in the 3 day plan this time. Fifteen days just seems like too long of a wait, lol. Thanks for an excellent program Admin :)


Elmer said...

Liberty reserve is finished and so are many of the hyips that used mostly LR.
Is same as when Stormpay, e-gold and e-bullion were entered by the feds.

They may appoint a reciever and members may get some back in a couple of years.

blondie said...

I believe you're right Elmer.
But we all know LR had a lot of hacking over the years too.
So maybe it's a good riddance?
What do you think?