Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Quite a dilemma caused by LR :(

Gold Alliance Fund: added their update in Sunday's post.
The weekend is over and daily earnings have started up again.
Thanks Admin :)

Also TY to drcapoon for this post in the forum:
G*A*F has opened a FB group :
https://www.facebook.com/groups/384941928288673/ (https://www.facebook.com/groups/384941928288673/)

So now besides Skype support, members can join G*A*F Group. It s a closed group, so you need to send a request for your participation.

Oops, guess I should have read their update first, but Thanks to drc for bringing it to my attention:

Dear Valued GAF members,
We would again like to remind you of the testimonial contest that ends tomorrow at midnight (Wednesday May 29, midnight EST). The 10 most inspirational testimonials will each receive a $45 investment from us. Winners will be announced Friday.
We would also like to remind our Liberty Reserve members that have not yet taken advantage of the 20% bonus offer; this offer is not time-sensitive, as it is official now that Liberty Reserve has been seized by judicial authorities. You will also become eligible again to earn referral commissions because of an active investment in your account.
And last but not least, we at GAF are happy to announce the launch of our Facebook group! The link for the https://goldalliancefund.com/interface/https://www.facebook.com/groups/384941928288673/" target="_blank">GAF Facebook Group
is located on the ‘Ratings’ page. We hope to see you all there!
We wish all our members a joyous, profitable week.
Yours Sincerely,
GAF CEO and Staf

NEO Mutual: update from John came in a few minutes ago:

Fellow crowdfunders

We have received official information, that the Liberty Reserve payment system is indeed gone. For more information we refer to the United States Attorney Office of the Southern District of New York.

Fortunately, only 23% of our depositors are using Liberty Reserve. Unfortunately, as a young enterprise, we cannot by any means reimburse these funds, without jeopardizing our entire project.

NEO Mutual is a community project and seeking funding on that basis. It is essential for us to act responsible and in the interest of the majority of our contributors. For this reason shifting funds from Liberty Reserve to any other payment system is not an option.

We will of course try to recover some of the funds deposited via Liberty Reserve, once and if there is a receiver announced. For now, your Liberty Reserve account balance stays in your NEO Mutual account, but will not earn compensation.

Sorry folks, I hate to be the messenger of such bad news, but the situation is beyond our control and considered as a Force Majeure event, according to our Terms of Service.

What we can do however, is to motivate you to continue working with NEO Mutual in the future, using a different payment handler and recoup your losses.

This offer is valid for former Liberty Reserve depositors only:

Deposit from $20 - $499 and get 20% bonus, from $500 - $5000 you will receive 25% bonus and for deposits   over $5001 you'll receive 30% bonus.

There is no time limitation and all you have to do to claim your bonus is to fund your eWallet and once done please open a support ticket and let us know your transaction details. The bonus will be added to your eWallet and not to any active contribution.

With best regards,


Click Paid: haven't seen any drama there, which is a good thing, and earnings and payments continue as usual. Purchased a few more click packs yesterday and requested a payment.

Profit Reference: as you may have noticed, I put PR "On Hold" in my banner listing. As much as I would like to see ALL of our programs survive the Liberty Reserve closure, I don't know that all of them were popular enough to be able to pull through. Once the LR news came out, I noticed slower than average payments from PR so decided it would be best to 'hold off' on new spends until we get word on what's really happening. I'm sure you agree.

Profit Clicking: we all know the Basic side of the system is currently on hold, and we've all figured out that there has been a major Profit Shift a.k.a. Restart.
Like many others I had a feeling that our Wallet funds would be affected but never thought it would be to the tune of having 1% left!
Well no one was getting paid anyway, so why not take 99% of the funds away and try to start over. But who will do that? Will anyone here put in new funds or do you think they're relying on new members only?
Been reading some interesting comments in the MMG forum that you might find entertaining as well.

RicanAdFunds and ISM: posted today in FaceBook:

Richard Cannon
The demise of LR has hit us very hard and along with the limitations developing with PM, EP and STP we have to realise that using Payment Processors is really not the best way of doing business, although many think that running a business like ours is not possible without them. In the short term we are currently looking at other Processors to be able to have options available to our members.

We are also looking into how we rebound from this blow and will obviously have to make some drastic changes which I, Russell and the team will be discussing in detail in an effort to create a viable solution to this situation.

Longer term, the Card option is the best but that will still take a few months to implement.

We have cancelled all pending and in progress withdrawals in order to get an exact position, member by member, so that we can see exactly what we need to do to get Rican and our programs back to where we were just a couple of months ago. When we resume full activity it will be with a clean sheet so that all can be paid in turn without any backlogs to slow us down.

We, like you, are tired of all these problems that constantly hinder us but unlike many of you who have given up on us and choose just to insult us, we have not given up on you and will not get away from our long term objective to help people change their lives through giving greater access to reasonable incomes.

Also, to quash some of the stupid rumours, we were never dependant on Profitable Sunrise, Felmina, Profit Clicking or any other program for our funding. Any mention of this kind of theory is totally false and usually promoted by those who have an IQ lower than your average garden pea.

Rican will continue, we will not give up and we will get back to where we were. Those that continue to support us will be very happy that they did and those that choose not to support us will be very happy that we don’t bear grudges and will pay them anyway.

Yet again, at this point in time we could quite easily close shop and move on – we choose not to, we chose to continue and though there will be changes we are making sure that these changes are as fair as possible and that we all work together to assure our longevity.

We will get back to you in the next couple of days to announce how we move forward. We thank you in advance for your continued support and for not posting negative comments that help no one.


dr.capoon said...

Concerning Profit Reference, what can I add to your comment, this is unfortunate situation and admin that has participated on all forums, suddenly has vanished in thin air. He can't be found anywhere, Skype contact is under a "do not disturb" sign (like in some hotel), support is not answering, no posts on forum for the past 2 days (he participated on a daily basis), payments are pending now for over 60 hours (mine, don't know about others), we are no more "sticky" on MMG, and so on.
Not good signs at all. Let's hope, but not too much, he will address us soon. I really liked his energy and effort he has put in his program.
Unfortunately I didn't get back even half of my investments, but that is how it goes with these games. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, and you have to be prepared for the other one, otherwise don't get involved. Right?
My gosh, this looks like I want to overtake the blog! Sorry will be shorter next time.

blondie said...

No no dr c, it's good. I enjoy your comments.

Sticky's on MMG cost money so I can understand why he wouldn't want to renew that.

But as far as the disappearing act, no clue what is happening. You get around more than I do so anything you hear you're welcome to post.

Thanks :)