Friday, May 3, 2013

TGIF Updates Coming Slowly, LOL

The New Private Program: re-spent my entire principal again today into a new plan and requested a payment for my first 2 days of earnings.
If you haven't been here for a few days, scroll down to May 1st post to see what I'm talking about.

NEO Mutual: Paying! (do I sound like a monitor? lol)
Requested payment last night and received today.

ClickPaid: Paying! also requested a payment last night and received today. Bought more Click Packs yesterday as well. It's going really good so far.
* Found a glitch. I re-upgraded to Premium Membership yesterday and today I'm back to being basic. Sent in a support ticket. Hope it's fixed soon.

ProfitClicking: just read this in the forum:

Premium queue payment received!
Received my Payza premium queue today from April 22 :)
My STP premium queue wd from April 21 still pending though.

So maybe there IS hope for the rest of us???

RicanAdFunds: no news in the NewsWire but I did read some. Let me go find them and I'll BRB
OK, facebook post from this morning:
Richard Cannon
Russell and I are currently in a meeting about the future of Rican - we are very positive and will update you later today.

Then later today:
Russell Chapman: Nobody is running away, but if you don't mind I have just got home after 5 hours driving so will not be spending time on line this evening. My skype is only on so our programmer can contact me. Richard will post an announcement but he busy looking after some very ill old folks this evening.

That's all I know :(

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