Saturday, May 18, 2013

Dodged The Bullet

Happy to report that I dodged the bullet and didn't join that new program that opened on Thursday. Unfortunately many who joined, registered and made a spend before reading the fine print on how it all works.
You shouldn't rely on splash pages, list builders or pre-launch hype to lure you in. Always check things out before spending and don't believe everything you're told. Do your own due diligence before putting your money in gear (cough) in any of these types of programs.

ProfitReference: tomorrow will be another payout of a 3 day plan for me. Of course I plan to re-spend once again for another round. Admin is doing a great job here.

NEO Mutual: it's Saturday. No daily earnings today.

ClickPaid: still doing good and seems to be picking up speed. Their payments are back to being fast, even super fast as I read this morning. Can't complain about that, LOL

ProfitClicking: not much moving there. Anxious to see their new plans when they're released though. (joking) Just hope it's something good for the members and not just the Admin's. Time will tell.

One last note, got word of a new program opening in a week or two. I don't have any details on it yet but I should well in advance of it opening. I love details prior to launch so that I can share them with you. Unlike these "it's launched, hurry up and spend your money", then you kick yourself in the a$$ when you realize what you just got yourself into.

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