Friday, May 31, 2013

What's For Lunch?

How about SPAM?

Sorry, just needed a giggle after sifting through my email today. Am sure I sounded like that one gal (or guy)...
"I Don't Like Spam!"

Speaking of spam, sure wish these amateur promoters would learn where the "Blind Copy" button is, and then learn how to use it!

New Program: still scheduled for Monday to the best of my knowledge. Remember it will be a Hybrid so something for everyone. Stay tuned.

Saw an additional note about the Rican programs posted in the forum but I didn't verify it. I assume it's legit:
Message reply from Richard Cannon in Facebook

" We are keeping the RAF dbase as is - just changing the name to ismAdsIncome and the ismai dbase will be brought into the RAF dbase. Those with no ismmagic account will have to create it so that it can be the central profile for all our sites now and in the future. Each persons sponsor will be the most active sponsor if there are two - so the active sponsors will always benefit"

Now if you didn't see the long update posted yesterday, go read that first. And don't ask me questions yet. We're all wondering what July will look like when they re-open.

Gold Alliance Fund: got paid today.

NEO Mutual: got paid today.

Private Program: got paid today.

Whoa! That was easy. What's next...

Click Paid: if all goes well, the first click packages I purchased are going to expire after my surfing is done on Sunday.
Click Paid has been an easy ride and it sure would be nice if it stays that way ;)

Just in from Gold Alliance Fund:

Subject: GAF Winners! New Contest! Representatives!

Dear Valued GAF Members,

This week we have had the pleasure of hearing from many of you about how we at GAF have been changing your lives over the past 3 weeks. There were many inspirational stories shared and we know our true success lies in the support we receive from such great members!

We have added the 10 winners’ testimonials to the site and you may view them here. Thank you to everyone who participated and congratulations to the winners. You have all received a $45 investment on us!

Giving is one of the reasons we started GAF and it’s what inspires us daily to deliver our best to our members. Starting immediately we are launching our new contest! We are giving away another ten $45 investments to those who post the most unique payment proof on any of the forums that can be found on our ratings page. If you were a winner in our testimonial contest you are more than welcome to partake again! Please submit you entry with a support ticket, with Forum Post as the subject. Include the forum you posted in and your forum user name in the ticket. The competition ends Sunday midnight EST, so be sure to place your withdrawal Saturday as we don't process payments on Sundays.

Yesterday, I participated in an interview with David Vonte, owner of David News. His questions were very common to the questions we receive through our contact forms, support tickets and support inquiries. I understand when talking about GAF to others, questions arise that you may not know the answer to. This interview lets me explain it to them for you. A marketing tool you can easily send your people to for answers to their questions.  GAF CEO Interview click here.

Lastly, we have been receiving many requests to assist people in their native dialect. As such we are launching our Representatives program. We will have a page added on the website that will allow potential members to get in touch someone locally or that speaks a specific language that can explain GAF in more detail. To apply for a representative position please submit a support ticket from your back office with one short paragraph stating why you would make a good addition to our representative program, include languages spoken, as well as your contact details that can be shared publicly.

From all of us at GAF we wish you a joyous weekend and we look forward to reading your payment proofs on the forums.

Yours Sincerely,
GAF CEO and Staff


“Silence is golden, and gold is up these days, so silence is a solid investment.”
― Jarod Kintz


dr.capoon said...

Nice mail communication with G*A*F, but I like the most last line :
“Silence is golden, and gold is up these days, so silence is a solid investment.”
― Jarod Kintz

Wouldn't like to mention that gold is dropping ever since last October, and has now reached 2/3 of that value, but I had to.
Never the less we should keep in our mind, that masters of gold are doing all the time both transactions, buying and selling. So it shouldn't be a big deal for them.

Eagerly waiting tomorrow, to see what has mom Judy cooked for us kids of hers (regarding new hybrid).

dr.capoon said...

Forgot to comment the video.
Whole time I was laughing and imagining the greatest spammer of all times watching this video, with his eyes wide open.
That made me laugh even harder.
Anyway, nice to see old good english humor. Regardless the reason.

blondie said...

Hi dr.c,
The new Hybrid is scheduled for Monday so nothing much to share until then.

Yes Monty Python's shows always made me laugh. And still do! lol

Cheers :)