Saturday, June 1, 2013

Revenue Share

No... not the kind you think, lol

The Investment-Tracker Discussion Forum has opened their Revenue Share plan for those who participate. All of the details can be found HERE.
If interested and you're not a member yet, would appreciate you signing up from the first link above, then go to their Advertise Link and click on "Upgrade to Rev Share Member", then follow the directions to make your payment. The $5 Lifetime Upgrade is only good through June and will increase in July. Also I was told that the LR button will soon be replaced with EgoPay, but in the meantime if you wish to use EgoPay, see #3 in the directions. Thanks :)

I got nothing else to write about at the moment.
All paying programs are still paying and that makes me happy.
Will be back if I see anything else of interest.
Have a good Saturday and don't forget to check back on Monday when the new Hybrid is scheduled to launch.
Cool :)


doomcrew said...

Should be time for the next big site to emerge doesnt seem to be any buzz around any one site as of late.

blondie said...

Hey DC,
Well there is buzz around some sites but not ones that I'm in or upbeat about.
Maybe summer will be slow.
Or maybe not :)