Saturday, June 22, 2013

It's The Weekend - What's Up?

Investment-Tracker Discussion Forum:
Hey I Won a Contest!
Well not totally. Had to share with another but still, woohooo!
Thanks Kev!

Hi Guys
Here is the final standings

Joint 1st twentytwenty $40.00
Joint 1st blondie $40.00
Joint 2nd BrainyNetwork $20.00
Joint 2nd Capoon $20.00
3rd munnymachine $10.00
4th sermikojan $10.00

No other members qualified.
Please PM me your Egopay or STP info for payment.


For those who don't recall, that was the $150 Referral Contest.
I would like to thank the members who joined I-T under me and I would like to Congratulate all the Winners!

Yes I am up early today. Woke up at 5:30 and said OMG, it's my watering day! lol True. With the drought we have here, we can only water own lawns two days per week and at certain times, very early and/or very late. So I decided to get a head start on it since it's going to be hot again and no rain :(

Ad Hit Profits: as you can see we received a 10% revenue share yesterday. That's awesome!
Now you may notice the rate has dropped a little over the past week which can be expected in a revenue share. And the fact that other revenue share programs are popping up will also affect our daily rate. Now I'm not trying to be a cheerleader but I doubt those new programs will last as long as AHP has already. Just my 2 cents.

Click Paid: was able to grab an Ego Pay withdraw request first time I tried last night. Last night for me was after surfing, after their server day change. So maybe it's loosening up bit? One could only hope eh?
And to add: just received that payment to Ego and it's only 2:15 PM my time. Now that's good! Thanks CP :)

Was just sitting here eating a Pop Tart and reading some emails from Profit Clicking. Seems I'm on their VIP list but not sure how I got there.
Anyway if you didn't read yesterday's blog post, I decided to take the plunge and purchase a couple of Ad Packs in Ad Click Xpress.
Now I know some of you are shaking your head at me assuming I've lost my mind, but you know... JBP helped me out a whole lot. PC not so much but was thinking last night "Third Time's a Charm".

I really can't predict what's going to happen at ACX any more than you can. But I'm also not one to hold a grudge for life because of something not working out the way I wanted it to.

With that said, I'm not suggesting you join or buy ad packs. You all can make your own decisions about that. I'm just curious more than anything about how ACX will pan out. And of course, I'll share that here with you as we merrily roll along, lol


Brian said...

Hi Blondie,
Glad to hear you caught an EgoPay withdrawal in CP....I have lost out for two days now. Will try again today.

Good luck with ACX, I also had good runs with JBP & PC Premium and will watch your progress. I may even chance a couple of packs myself. My member number is 206XXX so am one of the older members.

Have a great day.

blondie said...

Hi Brian,
Yeah try different times at CP. I think I just got really lucky yesterday.

Thanks re ACX
Figured I might as well get in at the start and see what happens. Would love to see it take off but it's so hard to tell at this point.


Brian said...'s a new one for me. EgoPay WD worked 5mins before midnight server time in ClickPaid. Strange it normally works just after the server clicks over into a new day.

Thought you would like to know.