Monday, June 24, 2013

Spent Way Too Much At The Grocery Store...

So I don't feel like talking today, but I guess I should.
Actually, I'll let Yodaman do the talking instead.

Aether Advance: New Contest Update:

Happy Monday everyone!

As of writing this message, we now have a total of 1,140 members. Many of which are highly anticipating the launch of the Advance Cycler, which is just one week away! There has been over $1,000 transferred from Cash to Line balances since opening the transfer feature, which is fantastic. There will be much excitement next Monday, you don't want to miss it!

We've decided to hold a special contest in spite of the upcoming cycler launch. The contest is simple; guess how many cycler positions, in total, will be purchased during the first hour after it launches. Your entry into the contest will only be counted if you post your entry on any of the big four forums: MoneyMakerGroup*, TalkGold, DreamTeamMoney, or Investment-Tracker*.

(*those two forums are listed here on my side bar if you need to get registered.)

All of the links to the Aether Advance threads can be found on our website, in the upper right or at the bottom of the page.
Just include your Aether Advance username, and the number of positions you think will be purchased during the first hour after the cycler launches in your post.

The three members who have the closest guesses will receive:
First Place: $75; $50 Cash Balance + $25 Line Balance
Second Place: $35; $25 Cash Balance + $10 Line Balance
Third Place: $20; $15 Cash Balance + $5 Line Balance

Winners of the contest will be announced next Monday within a few hours after the Advance Cycler launches. Only members who have made a purchase will be qualified to win.

That's about all for now. Keep up the great work, post your entries to the contest, and prepare yourself for the Advance Cycler launch next Monday!
- Aether Advance Management

AdHitProfits: had a little glitch this afternoon and the 1/2 hour rev share earnings weren't calculating. But it's fixed now and running good :)

Another thing that gave me a crappy feeling today (besides the grocery store bill)... was notified from a friend that Click Paid raised their EgoPay withdraw fee to 9%! NINE PERCENT!
Well that just sucks! I've been using EP cause it had the lowest fee at 2%. So WTF are they thinking? That we won't use it cause it's too high now?
Well, they may be right. Maybe I'll just continue cashing out via STP even though the fee is a mighty 8% for that one. Damn :(
PS, kind of sucks up your profit, doesn't it?

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