Thursday, June 20, 2013


Ad Hit Profits:
I really like this graph. I hope the guy who created it doesn't mind that I show it here. Well, I just copied it from a public forum so it should be OK.

As for me, I have my auto-repurchase turned on so once again while I was sleeping I repurchased another Ad Pack. At 2:15 AM to be exact. Nice :)

So that's a total of 8 ad packs I currently have running, 2 have already expired. Now remember I only started with one on May 23rd, then added another on June 11th so am only out of pocket $90 at this time. Have not withdrawn yet but will before too long. Might give it an entire month to grow. Just watching the numbers in the meantime.

Listening to the call tonight, stats are:
26,841 Members
$7,372,541.77 paid out already via pay processors.
AdHitProfits LLC - they are a registered company in the State of Utah, USA.
Alexa Traffic Rankings: just above 1000 (very good)
AHP is not a ponzi. It's a Revenue Share program. Only what comes in - goes out, so of course daily revenue share earnings will vary.

So tonight was the first time I've listened to one of the Admin's calls. I like this guy. Sounds real, ya know? Gives me a good feeling about him and the program.

Aether Advance: got paid today from AA :)

NEO Mutual: requested my weekly cash out :)

Click Paid: got an STP withdraw request done yesterday after my surfing which I'm sure will be paid soon also.

Had every intention to write about Ad Click Xpress but not sure if I can get to it today. Seems the day just got away from me.
Received a comment in yesterday's blog post that I need to reply to and might just do it here, tomorrow. Nothing much is going to change overnight anyway, right?


geners said...

Hi Judy. A bit of a rage with these revenue share thingies at them moment. I am now in 3 of them.

AHP is doing well, just took a bit out also. Have been growing it until now.



blondie said...

Really Gene?
Hope they work out for you.
I checked into one of them and decided not to go there.
Good Luck to you :)