Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sun Day

Every day is a sunny day here but sometimes the sun gets blocked from all the smoke hovering over our mountains. Noticed how dirty my car was the other day. It's ash particles from the mountain fires. So sad.

Aether Advance: saw this note posted in the forum today and decided to share it here with you all. Yes the note is from Yodaman, our Admin :)

Things have been looking great here so far. thumbup(1).gif I'm thrilled you guys are loving it too!

There's only 8 more days until the cycler launches. If you want to have enough in your line balance by the launch, $1 minimum, you will need to deposit $43 or more today (if you don't want to utilize the cash balance to line balance transfer feature). A $43 spend today will give you just over $1 in your line balance by July 1st. 

Ill be processing payments, support tickets, etc. in just a few hours. I hope everyone has a nice day of relaxation!

Ad Hit Profits: since it's the 23rd and I first joined AHP on the 23rd of May, decided to do a cash out today. My first one and... it was paid instantly! YaY!
Our daily rev share earning was a little lower yesterday, 3. something, but I believe it's already higher than that for today. So no worries. 

Click Paid: No problems today. Just tried and...
Your Withdraw Request of $39.69 (+ $0.81 fee) to EgoPay account was requested successfully!
So that was at 9:05 AM MST which would be 17:05 Server time.
Thanks CP. Nice doing business with you.

Update: 23:57 Server Time... PAID!!

AdClickXpress: a few things that bug me so far...
- they don't have a 125x125 banner so I couldn't put them on my side bar even if I wanted to.
- had a URL pending in the TE since the 19th. Finally gave up today, deleted it and added it again. Not sure why one of my URL's was approved almost instantly while the other was just left hanging.
- can't find the server time on the site so when do I surf?*

*Figured it out. It's 4:00 PM my time, 6 PM EST just like Click Paid. And in ACX you can also surf more than the required daily and store them as your reserve.

OK, that's all for now.
I need to get outside before it gets too hot.
Later :))


doomcrew said...

You think adhitprofits could last another 6 months to a year ? Im debating whether its too late to get in but it just seems like a massive return everyday.

blondie said...

I have no clue dc.
I think the Admin has the right plans in place to make it last for a long long time, but you know how stuff can happen overnight that we never expect.

I also debated today making my first withdraw or repurchasing. Decided to w/d just cause I hadn't yet and I've been in 30 days.

Certainly up to you. I'm sure you still read the forums and see what others are thinking about it. (although there's way too much hype in there for my liking, lol)