Saturday, June 15, 2013

JBP / PC / now ACX

Did you all get the email below from Profit Clicking?
I am not redirected to the new site yet but I did see it posted in a forum so I would guess it's in the works.
Comments? Not from me at this time.
It either starts working or it doesn't.
Just wanted to be sure you got the news.


WOW!! Time certainly has flown since our
last update, and Profit Clicking is now in the
state of transition we previously announced.
This paradigm shift will produce positive
outcomes like spectacular upgrades in benefits
and services to the entire membership. We
know that you, and your referrals, are anxious
for the inside information and updates, and
how it will affect your Profit Clicking business,
that only our VIPs receive before the general

Rest assured, your VIP status is honored here
with the first of many VIP updates:

As advised by Fredrick Mann, Profit Clicking (PC)
was to be acquired by a new entity, with new
management. The acquisition of Profit Clicking
by the group, AD CLICK XPRESS has taken place,
meaning big changes in the works.

The new company, AD CLICK XPRESS (ACX), has
retained Fredrick Mann as a Corporate Consultant,
to assure members the transition will be as smooth
as possible. ACX has agreed, per Frederick's direction,
to honor the Profit Clicking member accounts, and
all accounts will be transitioned, with their wallets,
to the new company system. ACX will use the FM
"indefinitely sustainable" patented system.

The "basic" system wallet balance, "ad pack" balance
and "panel" balance situation has been reversed, and
the new system will reflect all correct balances.

The Premium Program will be integrated into ACX
shortly after it launches - stay tuned for more
information about that.

ACX is providing a far superior system to the PC
system. We've gone to great lengths to make ACX
as compliant as possible in as many jurisdictions
as possible.

We are aware of the anticipation for new information
that you, and your referrals, have. We can also
answer your number #1 question right now:

"When withdrawals will resume?"

ACX assures us the withdrawal/deposit portals
will be open almost immediately. There are some
IT issues involved in getting the processors
connected to the new system and the IT team is
working around the clock to get those issues
resolved in a timely manner.

Your benefits as a VIP will be outlined in detail in
the next week. Until then, let's look forward to
our future growth together.

Finally, expect to be redirected to the new site
within the next 24-48 hours.

Feel free to contact us anytime through the help
desk, by choosing "VIP Group".



I suppose that's it for today.
Will try to get more time here tomorrow.
Cheers and Aloha! lol 


gene anonymous by the sea said...

OMG, what next with this outfit?

Can we say, Just Pay Us!


blondie said...

I hear ya Gene, LOL
Let's hope they do.

gene said...

Yes, Judy. I got an email from Frederick Mann using profitclicking data base, saying to notify my downline to join clickpaid or he would be contacting them in a few days and they they will be his downline.

Not that they are buying anyway at this point.

Guess he is wanting to skim off as many members as he can over to his little panzi pokeroni.

blondie said...

Hey Gene,
I saw that email too that you mentioned from F Mann.
But honestly, Click Paid has been working just fine for me and others.
The only problem I've had so far is the 'daily limit reached' message, which seems to come and go.
Well, let's see if Fred's message works and maybe he'll bring in a lot more members to that the limit reached will be a thing of the past.

obediah mugomezi said...

where do go from here another starting afresh thing you should remember no one got paid on PC and no one bothered to explain to anyone and when people complained they told they were being negative is this is what we get for our patience and hard earned money that we never managed to withdraw?

blondie said...

I am well aware of what's been happening in JBP then PC.
We just need to stay focused of what is going on now and see if we can't make sense of it all.
I joined JBP in April of 2011 so yes, I do know what we've all been through.
Hang in there :)