Thursday, June 6, 2013

Just Updates I Guess, LOL

Aether Advance: if you purchased more than one plan in AA and tried to do an auto-compound on more than one, here's a helpful note from Admin:

In case you've tried to adjust the compounding percent on both plans at all.. We're working on getting that fixed. Currently only one plan can be set on auto-compound. Should be sorted out before too long though happy.gif

Also, our friend Mark a.k.a. gummibearu created a calculator for AA which you may find helpful when planning your strategy. Nice job Mark, Thanks!

UPDATE from Admin: Quick note of some news:
For all of those with multiple deposits/plans, the automatic compound feature is fixed, so you can now adjust them all. :)

ClickPaid: just noticed this in my transaction history so if you joined at the start when I did, no need to question why your account balance is $10 less:

2013-06-03 02:00:21  xxxxxxx  -10.00  Pif Loan Recovery

Also received my STP payment last night that was requested on Tuesday night. Can't complain about a 24 hour payout :)

But Today... getting "Daily Limit Reached" for both STP and Ego at 6:35 PM Mountain time (and before). So I dunno what to think now. Will try again in the AM I suppose. (sigh)

Gold Alliance Fund: paid last night from GAF.
If you are still pending, might want to read their latest update which I'm sure is in your email box.
(weird how some people complain in forums but don't bother to keep up with news)

Private Program: also paid last night from my daily request and of course re-deposited like I always do.

NEO Mutual: will be requesting my weekly payout later today. Sure I could do it daily but it's not a lot so I'd rather wait and save on pay processor fees.

Just removed Profit Reference from my side banner bar.
Am seeing a payment here and there (in forums, not me) but nothing regular. Sorry to see it go so quickly but if the members and money is not there... well, it's not there.
Nothing we can do :(

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