Wednesday, June 19, 2013


As you can see we earned 10.8% yesterday for our Revenue Share. Not to shabby I'd say.
Checking my stats, looks like I'm only about 4 dollars away from another ad pack maturing at 125% (bought on June 11th).
Last night my account balance was at $32 something when I wanted to log out for the night but didn't want to miss anything. So from your dashboard you can set your earnings to Auto-Repurchase, which I did. Then at 4:45 AM my time (yes I was sleeping), the system re-purchased for me when I hit $46. (there is a $1 fee for using that tool.) Excellent!

Thanks to the people who joined me here. I didn't know there was anyone left out there who wasn't already a member. Another reason why I didn't share it with you earlier. Figured I was the last one to join, LOL

Aether Advance: paying each evening like clockwork.
Just requested a small withdraw but am still saving some of my cash balance to transfer to line balance, to get ready for the cycler on July 1st.

Click Paid: working fine and paying fine.
Just wish they'd do away with that 'daily limit reached' blockage we sometimes get. Reminds me of another program (cough) where it eventually became impossible to withdraw.

Ad Click Xpress... formerly PC... formerly JBP...
They have a news and update listing in your dashboard. Might want to read their latest update from June 19th. I'd post it here but it's way too long.

Don't forget to get your old PC account moved over / migrated to ACX. Just log in with your PC username and password:

Once you're logged in you can look around the site and decide what to do next, if anything. Since I have a LOT of money stuck in my old PC Basic Balance, I decided today to spend some of it to purchase advertising. Just plain old advertising in the Traffic Exchange where we do NOT get any earnings... just traffic.

Now to become an Affiliate of ACX and earn the daily 2% M-F and 1% S-S, you need to purchase Ad Packs.* Yes they cost $10 just like before AND if you have funds in your Old PC Basic Balance, you can use 10% of those funds towards your new purchase.
No, I have not done that myself, am just telling you what I know.
* Don't think that's live yet but should be soon.

The PC Premium Profit Shift is underway.
Oh great :( more funds on paper will be disappearing.

As much as I'd like to feel excited about this program and spend with confidence... I just can't. They've got way too much baggage and it's holding people back from joining, spending and promoting.
Guess I'll just have to wait and see how these few first weeks go. Make It or Break It, right?


Glenn said...

Hi Blondie:

I hope all is well with you @ Colorado ... and it seems like the fire situation is still going on in Denver. Please do take care!


Like you, I decided to spend some $$$ in the Basic Balance to buy some TE credits. I entered a couple of URLs, and it looks like they're being viewed. I guess time will tell if we can leverage ACX's TE .. if anything.


P.S. I know it's a bit off topic, but it's sad that ProfitReference didn't pan out, huh? I really liked Lucas, but I guess you never know which way HYIPs flow. I didn't think he was the type of individual that would just up and leave after the Liberty Reserve fiasco. Oh well, life goes on ...

blondie said...

Hi Glenn,
I missed the news this morning but did hear a new fire broke out last night. A shame for sure. Just when the others are getting under control, a new one starts up.

Wondering too what will happen at ACX and if it'll be anything worth getting more involved in or not.

I too was sad about Profit Reference and also believe it was just a matter of funds running out. You just never know what can happen day to day in this business.

Take care and thanks for the note :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Blondie,
Would you please teach me how to move my profit shift PC funds to ACX too. How about all our commission funds from the basic system? I invest $1000 and never got a penny out. I try but no success. Are we ever going to get at list our seed money back like in my case the $1000? Anyone know?
Thank you

blondie said...

I'll write more about ACX today.
I doubt you'll enjoy what I have to say though.
Check my new post later.