Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Happy Birthday Gordon!

I'm sure you are all familiar with Gord from Gord's Home
But what you didn't know is that today is his Birthday!

Now those who do read his very popular and informative blog also know that Gord lives way up there in Canada where the wild moose's roam.

But what you didn't know is how he looks when he's updating that ever so helpful blog of his... (thanks to his Missus for sending me this clip, lol)

OK OK, all joking aside... HAPPY BIRTHDAY GORD!
Hope you have a Wonderful Birthday today and many years to come! I always look forward to opening your newsletters to see what's up in the biz (not to mention your never ending story telling (hehe).
But you know we always enjoy hearing about your extremely long history of life's little pleasures (again, hehe).
(alright, better get going before I get into more trouble.)
Cheers and Happy B-Day Gordon! xox

OK, back from the store. 

Aether Advance: received their first update in spam, then when I said this is NOT spam, it disappeared on me. But I was able to grab it from somewhere else:

First Email Update:

QUOTE First off I would just like to welcome and thank everyone who has joined and showed their support for Aether Advance so far. We would be nothing without you!

It has been approximately 48 hours since we have opened for registrations and purchases. Membership is already quickly approaching 500 members, and growing much faster than we had anitipated! We are looking forward to keeping steady and consistent growth and supporting our members as much as possible.

For those inquiring more info about the Advance Cycler portion of the program:
The Advance Cycler launches 
on Monday, July 1st at 10:00AM EST. You will only be able to use your Line Balance to purchase positions. You can purchase positions in whichever line you choose to do so. It is a company-wide cycler that cycles on a first come, first served basis. Members with referrals will cycle at the same rate as those without referrals. After it's initial launch, you will be able to purchase positions any time with your Line Balance. The Advance Cycler launch will be an exciting time for sure!

As a reminder to those who visit the forums (MoneyMakerGroup, TalkGold, DreamTeamMoney and Investment-Tracker to name a few), the Aether Advance thread links can be found on our website. We very much appreciate when our members show public support for our program, as it helps us to grow and thrive.

That's all for now. Thanks again for your ongoing support; our efforts will reflect in your success!

- Aether Advance Management
Back to me :)
Whoever is wondering about whether or not to compound in AA, here's an MMG thread that goes into the subject. Start with THIS POST and keep reading down.

GoldAllianceFunds: UPDATE:

Dear members,

We have finally managed to restore access to the Gold Alliance Fund website. During the technical difficulties we had many members deposit who were charged twice. This needs to be tended to before we can process any withdrawals. Also, we have over 200 tickets and 1000 emails from members which we need to sort through.

We understand your concerns but sending 50 emails for the same problem only delays the process for everyone. Please refrain from straining our support staff.

Kind Regards,

NEO Mutual: still doing just fine.

Click Paid: posted late in the day yesterday that I did receive my Ego payment that was requested on June 1st in the evening (my time).
Have another one that I requested last night so will post when I receive it.
Oh and did you notice their EgoPay withdraw fee is down to 2%? Nice!

ShowBizHits: just had to share this:

Today is free day.  All that surf today get 50 credits
at server change tonight. Yes Lisa made a BOO BOO :)

That Lisa, gotta luv her. Must have gotten into the wine again, LOL
I'm guessing you need to surf at least 25 sites to qualify for that so am off to do that right now. Thanks girls :)


Gord said...

Hi Blondie,

I received an email from a friend
wishing me happy birthday and learned that from a Lady at a Lounge.

Hmmm... I wasn't sure what Lady
she meant first... then it struck me!

She didn't!!??

Yep! She did... LOL

Thank you very much and the dude in the cartoon could pass for my twin brother... ha ha

blondie said...

Happy Birthday Gord!


And you couldn't remember which Lounge you last visited eh?

Figured that's what you look like drinking your Timmie's while working on the News. Glad I nailed it!

Take care buddy,
Chat at you soon :)

steve said...

hi Judy,

can you tell me at what time (server time) you reqest your cashout in clickpaid? I made some attempt but always reaching the daily limit for both STP and EP.


blondie said...

The STP was req on 'my' Tues night, at this server time:
2013-06-05 00:26:29

The EgoPay w/d isn't showing in transactions even though I received it. Weird.

But normally, right after server day change is when I cannot get a w/d to go through.