Friday, June 14, 2013

The Moment You've All Been Waiting For... lol

Finally received the Aether Advance update and it's a beauty:

Updates, Transfers, and Bonuses!

Hello everyone! I had meant to send out this update a bit earlier today but was sidetracked for much of the day. Have quite a bit to talk about today!

As some of you may have noticed, there is now a "Stats" tab in your back office which displays some more statistics you might find useful in tracking your account's progress.

We are now just over 950 members strong, and that means we are quickly approaching our 1000th member! To celebrate our growth so far, we have decided that the 1000th member, and every 500th member after that, will receive a $20 cash balance bonus along with a $5 line balance bonus! The bonus only applies to the member if they make a deposit. If a deposit is not made within 24 hours of their account being created, the next active member in line will receive the bonuses.

Now on to some Advance Cycler news. We have received many requests from those with lower deposit amounts to make it possible for them to play in the launch of the Advance Cycler (launches Monday, July 1st 10 AM EST by the way). We have come up with a solution of allowing a cash balance to line balance transfer option available for the next 17 days. You can find the link to the transfer page right next to your cash balance. You will be able to transfer a maximum of $50.00 from your cash balance to cycler balance during this time frame. The transfer option will be turned off on June 30th, one day before the Advance Cycler launches.

Quite a bit of news, but I believe that's all for now. Thanks again for your ongoing support, and I hope to see everyone getting more excited as the launch of the cycler gets closer and closer!

- Aether Advance Admin

Was glad to see he took my suggestion about the 1,000 member bonus. I hinted about that in MMG the other day so am happy that he liked the idea too.
And for those who started with lesser funds, the transfer idea is a great one also. What a helpful Admin we have here! Thumbs Up Yodaman!
- Oh and I received a payment last night! YaY!

Gold Alliance Fund: waiting on a payment but should arrive soon.

NEO Mutual: paid today from yesterday's request. Thanks Admin!

Click Paid: paid already today from yesterday's cash out also. Wow, this is turning into a nice day after all :))


Will B said...

Hi Blondie, there was news coverage on my local tv about the fires in Colorado. So sad that there has been loss of life, and a lot of houses destroyed. First time I ever saw yellow fire engines!

About PC, as you said yesterday they're up to something! I also heard a story that they may be going to change the name again. Actually nothing would surprise me now. Maybe they will even resume paying again lol.

I hope all is well with you, all the best, Will.

blondie said...

Yeah those fires are horrible.
And it's so dry here that once they get going, almost impossible to put them out. Pray for rain!
I think it's just the park service that has the yellow trucks. Our neighborhood ones are red.

PC... you're a funny guy.
Paying? What's that? LOL
One could only hope eh?
Cheers Will :)