Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Heat Is On

Supposed to be 99F here today.
Up to 94 now and already unbearable.
Tried to get out to pull some weeds but couldn't take much of the heat.
The funny thing is, I can see Mt Evans from my yard and it's covered in snow. Looks really refreshing!

Starting from the bottom, Click Paid
was surprised late yesterday afternoon when I got an EgoPay w/d request to go through and even more surprised today that it just got paid into my EP account!
Thanks CP :)

NEO Mutual: saving up my daily earnings for my weekly cash out.

Grace Drader                                         1:22pm Jun 11
Hi GAF'ers! At this time I do not have an update or timeline 
from Admin, regarding payments or refunds. As soon as there 
is something concrete to share, Admin will send out an update.
Please be patient, unfortunatly some monitors and members are
not very patient and this is causing the pay status at some of 

the monitors and as you all know with individual accounts.PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE..... do not send in multiple support 
and contact forms.. I am swamped in tickets, and Admin is 
drowning in contact forms. If all Admins time is spent reading 
and answering contact forms that I am also answsering support 
tickets for the same issue, its a huge waste of time.
Thank you for understanding.

My account was not affected by this error, but I really do feel bad when placing a withdraw when I know others cannot. Well, let's hope it all gets sorted out for everyone soon.

Aether Advance: expecting an email update shortly.
Just trying to keep cool in front of the fan in the meantime.

Security Measures went into place at AA.
When you log in now, you need to Validate your STP and/or EgoPay ID or email. Good job Admin! Helps to keep us all safe.

No Update yet but the heat in this room is unbearable so I'm logging off. Have a good night y'all :)

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