Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Happy Birthday John Stankiewicz

Before I get started with business stuff, just wanted to wish one of my best friends of all time a Happy Birthday!

I know js is much happier now than he was on this planet so rather than feeling sad, I'll just send him a great big Cheers!

Hey John, although I miss our daily chats I get the feeling that you're still around and watching over us all.
Am I right? ... har
Happy Birthday micronuts!!

gimme a sec to change gears

Aether Advance: got off to a great start during it's first 24 hours. Remember this is not something you need to hurry with as the daily rate is the main part of the program. The cycler, when launched on July 1st will be a bonus. So take your time, read the site, the comp plan, the FAQ's and join when ready.
Note the site does have a time-out so if you spend too long reading pages, you may lose your upline's link. When and if you decide to register, be sure your upline of choice is showing.
Also note that Yodaman is doing an excellent job in the MMG forum answering questions from members or prospective members. Good Job!
Oh and I received my first daily earnings today. They are credited at Midnight EST daily. FYI

Speaking of MMG, site is offline for a bit for a server move. Should be back soon, I hope.

Private Program: be aware their email system is still messed up and I am getting payment proofs from 5 days ago. Just check the date when you receive one so you don't freak out when the money is not there, lol

Neo Mutual: regular timed daily earnings cranking out again.

Click Paid: still waiting on a payment that was requested on the night of June 1st. That's odd for them. Might want to proceed with caution until we know why they are so late with payouts, and get caught up.
** UPDATE: got paid from my Saturday night request:
From: finance@clickpaid.com
Amount: $50.60
Call off the dogs! lol

Dang, MMG forum is still down.
Well that's OK. Been posting a little over at the I-T forum too. Always good to have more than one place to share our opinions and success.

5:23 my time. MMG Forum is back.
What did I tell you about js. 23 is his favorite number.
Thanks John.


Randy Verdell said...

Hey Judy;

Happy Birthday to John too. I always enjoyed him and his humor. I'm sure he is still watching us. Someone else I know is having a BIG one this month!!!

Hope you are having a good week!


blondie said...

Randy, Shhhhhh
I keep some secrets around here.
No need to spill the beans, lol

Yes I do feel John's presence from time to time. Weird.

Have a good week yourself and thanks for the note!

Mr AutoSurf said...

I also miss his vids and such, was bummed when I came back from being away for a while and seen he had passed :(. but I am with you blondie, hes in a better place now!

oh and whats this about a birthday...hmmmmmmm

blondie said...

Hey Mr Autosurf,
Yeah a birthday is coming but I need to spank my friend Randy for saying TOO much, lol
I'll let you know when it's time but I'll NEVER EVER tell you more than the day, not the year, hehe