Friday, June 28, 2013


I gotta get my act together today.
Seems I miss too much when I take a break.

Aether Advance: just moved money from my cash balance over to my line balance and got this cute little note:
Awesome! you made a transfer of $50.00 from your available balance to your Line balance. Happy Cycling!
Now I'm as ready for the July 1st Cycler as I'll ever be.

Ad Hit Profits: their new PPC (pay per click) opened today and am seeing several members trying it out. This PPC is for advertisers and you only pay for customers who actually click on and open your site. Plus the PPC will add to our daily revenue share. Excellent :)
Yesterday's rev share was a gentle 2.8% and if you listen to the call from last night, Charles explains that quite well.

NEO Mutual: received my weekly pay out from NEO today!
Such a nice steady no nonsense site. It's been a pleasure.

Click Paid: sure wish I could say the same for CP right now. Been trying for a withdraw all morning and no go. Damn daily limit reached! Argh. I'll keep you posted.

AdClickXpress: no change since yesterday.
- My 2 support tickets from 6/22 remain unanswered.
- My URL in the TE from 6/22 (originally 6/19) remains 'waiting' for approval.
Perhaps they should be spending more time attending to the site and the members than doing their own promoting.
Example: you get an email from Fred Mann saying how wonderful the site is and everything is working perfectly.
Then you read blondie's lounge that tells you what's going on with her own account and the delays she's seeing. Who are you more prone to believe?

Now I like to share good opportunities as much as the next guy but I don't believe is fibbing either. Am glad at this point I only purchased a small number of Ad Packs and have only a handful of referrals who did the same. Would sure hate to see someone join under me with a large amount of money at this time.
Maybe the future will be brighter here but as of now, please be careful if you're thinking about joining and/or adding fresh funds.

It's still really hot here today. Can you tell? LOL

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