Monday, June 17, 2013

Something Old, Something New...

Something Old: AdHitProfits
Something New: adding it to my side banner bar.

After receiving numerous emails saying stuff like "I'm an avid reader of your blog and can't believe you're not in AdHitProfits!"... I decided to fess up and add their banner to my side bar.

Why would I do that now and not when I joined?
Well when I joined, the program was already old in my opinion. It opened the first week of April and I didn't join until May 23rd. Six weeks is a long time in this business and I didn't want anyone else to risk their money by sharing it with you here.

So going against my own better judgement and being curious about it, I took my sponsor's advice and decided to try it out.

- On May 23rd I joined with one Ad Listing for $45 (plus fees).
- By June 6th, I had $45 in my account so I re-purchased another.
- By June 11th I was feeling good about my decision so I purchased another Ad Listing from pay processor funds AND another re-purchase as well (since once again I was over $45).
- June 13th, had enough for another re-purchase.
- June 14th, again a re-purchase.
Which brings me to this morning where once again my balance was over $45 so I re-purchased :)

Now except for 1 referral that I coaxed into joining on June 14th, those earnings were all based on the Revenue Share which pays every 1/2 hour. Pretty weird set-up but it seems to be working for them (and us).

Not being a cheerleader or part of the forum group that seems to think this program will last forever... we all know it won't. Honestly I didn't know what to think about it when I first joined. And still don't. All I know is it's working so far as written and making a lot of people a lot of money.

With that said, most of you are already in it so I don't need to share details here. But for those who may not be a member yet, there's just one thing I do daily to keep my account active and earning, and that is Surf!

Yep, you must surf 10 sites within each 24 hour period.
Meaning if you surf today at 10 AM, you better get that surfing done again before 10 AM the next day. You CAN surf as often as you like and once you surf those 10 sites, the timer on the site resets for another 24 hours.
If the timer runs out your earning will stop until you surf.
My sponsor told me he surfs twice a day, AM and PM just to be sure he doesn't miss out on any of the profit share. Remember they are distributed every 1/2 hour, so you really do need to keep an eye on that.

Alright, I think I've said enough.
If you're not a member and have questions about it, feel free to drop me an email or catch me on skype (if you're one of my buddies). You all know I'll be honest about it and not try to push it to you like there's no tomorrow.

Which reminds me of something funny. Well, not funny but...
there was a forum member who was questioning the program and maybe bad mouthing it a little bit. Then another member told him to go drink a bottle of bleach. What? WTF is wrong with these people?!?
So needless to say, I've stayed on the sidelines there and do a little reading but no posting. Seems those who try to 'keep it real' aren't all that welcome in the thread. So anything I have to say, I'll just say it here.
Cheers :)

Aether Advance: Updates - Two Weeks Old!
Two weeks ago from today Aether Advance launched. In the past two weeks, we have broken the 1,000 member mark (currently 1,074), have had more than 400 plans purchased totaling over $50,000 in deposits, and have processed over 200 withdrawals so far!
The launch of the Advance Cycler is just two weeks away. Up until June 30th, you can make a cash balance to line balance transfer of up to $50.00. This is to help everyone be prepared to participate in the launch of the cycler, which many are looking forward to!
Sometime today a referral commission history page will be added to your back office so you can keep a better track of who your commissions are coming from. Referral commissions pay you 7% of purchases made by your direct downline, and 3% of purchases made by your 2nd level referrals. It pays to promote!
Hope everyone has a great Monday!
- Aether Advance Management

Good update Yodaman and yes, we are looking forward to the cycler!

Gold Alliance Fund: hope you all read my post here yesterday and requested a withdraw from your account.
I've since removed their banner from my side bar.
The Admin there has done an excellent job but sometimes we just know when things aren't quite right and need to let it go. Kapish?

After spending a fun afternoon eating, drinking and playing Croquet with the kids, it always take me a couple of hours to unwind before I can get to sleep. So last night I decided to check some stuff here on the net.

Logged into Click Paid, saw that I had enough to withdraw. Tried to get one via Ego Pay, got 'daily limit reached'. Hmmm
Waited an hour, tried again, no go.

Now you would think with Frederick Mann himself and Carl Pearson sending email's to their personal downline that CP might be getting enough attention so that the limit reached message goes away. But it hasn't.

Still searching for that open window to withdraw today. Will let you know if I can catch it.

Later in the day: @ Brian, it worked! 5:47 PM my time. Thanks!
Your Withdraw Request of $40.67 (+ $0.83 fee) to EgoPay account was requested successfully!


Brian said...

Hi Blondie,
I caught the CP window open 24 hours ago and was paid about an hour ago.

blondie said...

That's great!
I'll have to try it again.
I've only been trying for Ego since the fee is lower but might have to choke on STP if need be.

Brad Tramell said...

Hi again :) Just wanted to say I joined AHP On May 31st with 1 share, while using my daily balance and adding little bits here and there, I have made it to 7 shares :) made a couple withdraws that went through instantly and its going great :)

On the Gold Alliance Fund, My account was hit with the withdraw bug, I did however receive my withdraw a few hours ago so I was very happy :)

blondie said...

Hey Brad,
Two notes of good news. That's great!
Thanks for stopping by.
Cheers :)