Wednesday, June 12, 2013

We're On Fire Again :(

Was surprised to see that the heat and wind here yesterday resulted in five wild fires in our mountains. Hope those who had to leave their homes can return to them soon, undamaged of course.
Feeling kind of blah today too. Was busy this morning but once it started getting hot, I started slowing down. Ah well, maybe the rest of the summer won't be this bad.

Aether Advance: close to 900 members now and everyone is happy. Some are compounding their earnings so they have more available when the cycler opens, but of course each person has their own strategy for that.
Never did get that update from Admin last night. I'll have to check on that here in few.
- Answer: my mistake. We might get an update tomorrow.
-- Hopefully Thursday's update will fill us in on how the cycler line balance really works.

(it's so hot in my room, my pc keeps locking up... argh)


HermitJim said...

Keep an eye on that fire and split if it heads in your direction!

blondie said...

I hear ya...
grab the cats and run!

The fires are all around me but none too close. Hope it stays that way.