Friday, June 21, 2013

First Day of Summer 2013

And again our temp will be in the 90's here today.

Beware of Spam from those trying to hack into your Perfect Money or EgoPay accounts.
Getting them re: PM was bad enough but now they're starting to send emails claiming to be from EP that your account is blocked.
BullCrap! My account is fine. Just remember don't ever click on links in those stupid emails!

Aether Advance: smooth sailing there and getting anxious for the cycler which will open on July 1st. Don't worry, I'll remind you.

Ad Hit Profits: had a 7.6% revenue share yesterday which is still quite good. I listened to the call last night for the first time and made some notes in yesterday's post. Had enough again this morning to repurchase another Ad Pack, so I did. They seem to expire really fast so am buying new ones as soon as I have enough funds. Will cash out before too long though.

Neo Mutual: paid this morning. Thanks Admin.

Click Paid: paid today from CP also. Thanks Admin.

Ad Click Xpress: need to put my thinking cap on. BRB

Got a comment here on Wednesday that said:
Would you please teach me how to move my profit shift PC funds to ACX too. How about all our commission funds from the basic system? I invest $1000 and never got a penny out. I try but no success. Are we ever going to get at list our seed money back like in my case the $1000? Anyone know?

When you log into ACX and migrate your old PC account, you should have funds in your Wallet under PC Basic. The funds shown are a combined total of what you had in Wallet, Ad Pack, Panel and Referral Comm's from PC Basic.
Unfortunately that cannot be withdrawn but you can use it to purchase Advertising and/or use a portion of it to purchase new Ad Packs.

Now there was an interesting note in their update and I would suggest you read them all when you have time. You can find them in your Message Center.

And don’t forget everyone - any earnings you
never got from Profit Clicking will be made
available to you in ACX - it just might
take a few months, as to be expected.

I have no idea what that means. Do you?

Anyway... they are giving everyone who Migrates their account the $10 Ad Pack loan so if you want to see how it's working, you can do it for free.

Now if you decide to purchase an Ad Pack, you can use 10% of your old Basic funds to do that. Meaning, you need to put $9 worth of fresh pay processor funds in your wallet first, then you can use $1 of your basic towards your $10 purchase.

Also we're waiting on the Premium System transfer to ACX. Now I had quite a bit of funds in Premium when it got 'stuck', so what are the chances of getting anything out? Slim to none? Sorry ACX, just being honest.

The Newsletters are telling us to encourage referrals to get involved, spend money, play the game etc. I am doing no such thing at this time. I am watching the program to see how it goes and will report to you as I see fit. But I am definitely not suggesting anyone spend money that they cannot afford to lose.

A good friend wrote to me this morning and said something like "Too bad this isn't brand new with no history, it would probably take off like crazy."
Well, on Wednesday I did say:
"As much as I'd like to feel excited about this program and spend with confidence... I just can't. They've got way too much baggage and it's holding people back from joining, spending and promoting.
Guess I'll just have to wait and see how these few first weeks go. 
Make It or Break It, right?"

So after I wrote the above and being the dare devil that I am, I will admit that today I purchased 2 new Ad Packs. Yeah I know I'm a little bit crazy but I do like to try things out so that I can honestly report to others what is going on. Besides, I'm sure you'd rather hear from me about how it's going than newsletters that may leave out some important details, if you get my drift.
OK then, wish me luck. I wish you luck also if you already did the same. And as always, stay tuned for updates.
Cheers :)


gene said...

Wow, awesome picture, Judy. Very nice. I love it.

Wesley said...

Ad Click Xpress: need to put my thinking cap on. BRB

Don't think too hard on this one Judy. I don't think ACX management wants us to think. They only want us to put fresh funds in the program. I think I will sit back and wait until I see some people earnings and getting withdrawals before I do anything. If I get some RC I will buy some ad packs, but not my own fresh funds.

blondie said...

Thanks Gene, not a personal picture though. Got it from photobucket where everyone shares.

Hey Wesley, no I didn't think too hard but I do like to keep on top of what is going on with those guys.

And if you recall, when JBP was hot, it was very hot and there were a lot of happy members.

So although I don't suggest anyone to add fresh funds, I am curious about where this goes.

Later :)