Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Every Picture Tells A Story

Ad Hit Profits: here is something of interest:

Showing 16.2% return on our Ad Listing / Revenue Share for yesterday.
That's fantastic and if you check the previous days returns you'll see why I finally decided to share the information here.
PS, had enough in my earnings balance to make another re-purchase this morning.
PPS, have not made a withdraw yet. Am trying to build my account for now. This is not something I normally do but in this case, I think it'll be worth it.

** 11:30 my time / 1:30 PM EST: Hold Off on Surfing. There seems to be a glitch right now. I'm sure Admin is aware of it and it will be fixed soon.
Glitch: Loading website
              Please wait...

Posted on 18 Jun 2013 01:40 PM
We are aware of the current issue with the timer and some members having trouble viewing ads. This is currently being addressed. I will provide an update when I have official statement from Charles.
No need to submit tickets on this issue we are well aware of it.

** 2:30 my time / 4:30 PM EST: Surfing is Fixed!

Aether Advance: been letting my "cash balance" grow so that I can transfer some of it to the "line balance" before the Cycler launches on July 1st.
Update about that was posted here yesterday.

Click Paid: another smooth surf day over at CP and was paid my w/d request from last night already! Less than 24 hours! Woot Woot!
PS, of course I am repurchasing too. Not just cashing out :)

Profit Clicking: I'm sure you all received the message about the Migration from PC over to Ad Click Xpress and I also hope you were able to do the migration of your own account without any problems.
I must admit their new site looks a lot cleaner and simpler than the old one. Let's just hope they don't muck it up with too much information like last time.

If you missed their email, here's the link to log in:
Just accept the new ACX terms and
conditions and get started today!

Note: The Profit Clicking Premium System will
be migrated to ACX also, within the next
few days, but only after a ProfitShift
has taken place - read about ProfitShifts
in the PC Member Area.

Oh great. Another profit shift. Didn't we just have one?

Earnings on Ad Packs will be the same 2% & 1%

Note that all Basic System Balances in
Profit Clicking have been credited back to
the wallets - that decision was made to
help members understand the migration

So looking at my Wallet... my basic funds do show in "PC Basic Balance". But what does that mean? Can I withdraw it? Can I use it to buy ad packs in ACX? What will happen to the money I have sitting there?

Well, I've read through their email 3 or 4 times and if that information is there, I missed it.
There are rumors of course about that "Basic Balance" but I won't share that here. I am not a rumor monger and would rather report facts than rumors.
So once things are settled and make sense, I'll update about it again.


Brian said...

I bought advertising only credits with a bit of my Basic Balance in ACX.

Not going to put any new cash into it until I see how this cookie crumbles. Come to think of it I will rather boost ClickPaid, at least they are paying.

How are those fires doing?
Have a great day.

blondie said...

Were you able to do that already? Buy Ad Credits? I didn't try, lol

I'm being real careful too with the new spend thing in ACX. Waiting to see what's really happening there.

The fires are getting contained but in the Black Forest one, 502 homes have been destroyed. Sad times :(

Andrew said...

Will you invest in UTSProfitads also?

AHP still seems to be the most promising program!

blondie said...

My friend already joined that one and he's been filling me in on how it's going.
No am not joining it right now.