Sunday, June 30, 2013

Happy Birthday To Me

Looks like I survived another year on this planet.
Congrats Blondie!
Also if you haven't noticed, I have not missed a day of posting all year! Now once or twice it was only a one liner but still, 6 months of steady blogging to meet my new years resolution was not all that easy sometimes.
So again, Congrats Blondie! (patting myself on the back, lol)

I'm going to mention this here (rather than in private) because you guys are all smart ;)
I joined a new HYIP yesterday but didn't fund until this morning. This new one called FundPrix is run by none other than Dominique Jenkins who did support for FarEastFunds.
Those of you who were in FEF under me know the rules for playing short term hyips and the same applies here.
Play in the 1 or 2 day plan. Don't spend too much. Don't get greedy. Keep repurchasing using your principal and cash out earnings. Never try to HAR (hit and run) else you may find yourself doing without. Oh and only 1 account per IP address is allowed so don't try to refer yourself.
That about sums it up for fair play. If I think of more, I'll be back.

Adzibiz: I'll report on that when it's been 24 hours since I joined, but so far it's looking pretty good for my first 19-1/2 hours.

** Update: exactly 24 hours since I joined with 2 ad packs and surfed (of course), my Ad Pack earnings today are exactly $10.00 Very nice :)

Aether Advance: can't forget I have be up and awake by 8 AM tomorrow for the Cycler which launches at 10 AM EST!
Tip: be there right at launch time if you can. Other than that, read the comp plan on the site and made a decision on how you want to play it. I'd give advice but no one knows how everyone else is gong to play so just go with your instinct.

AdHitProfits: revenue share took a nose dive for month end but that's been the norm for all 3 months. So don't sweat the small stuff. Instead let's look forward to July's earnings coming back up. Yep, that's the plan.

Since I'm trying hard to keep today a happy day, I'm not going to mention the frustration with Click Paid and their stupid 'daily limit reached' message!
Nor am I going to mention that my URL in the AdClickXpress TE is still not approved! Now what is the point of trying to promote in a TE if your site is never seen? Only one word comes to mind... (long pause)... but I shouldn't say it in public.

** Update: got a w/d request to go through in Click Paid just now, about 12:15 PM MST. Now if I actually get paid, will be even better.


Will B said...

Congratulations Blondie and Happy Birthday! I hope there'll be many many more. And a pat on the back from me also for all the brilliant daily blogging, Will.

blondie said...

Thanks Will :)
but did you say brilliant? lol
Well I try at least.
Cheers and have a great day!

Anonymous said...

A very Happy B-Day, to a very wonderful lady. You are not getting older, you are getting better! Have a great day, my friend!


blondie said...

Thanks Tree, you're a sweetie!
Wish somebody would tell my body that I'm not getting older, lol
Have a great Sunday!

ruby said...

Happu Birthday Judy!
Looking forward to reading many more blog post.

blondie said...

Thanks Ruby!
Nice to see you as always.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Lass...
may there be many more.


blondie said...

Thank You Dez
Cheers to you :)

Wesley said...

Happy Birthday Judy!!!

Also thanks for the head's up about your CP withdraw request to STP. I was able to catch one shortly after reading your email. I feel better now LOL.

Brian said...

Happy Birthday Judy and may you have many more.
Thanks for keeping us up to date with your is one of the first places I go to when I switch on in the morning.

Enjoy the rest of your special day.

Kev said...

Happy Birthday Judy xx

blondie said...

Thanks Wesley and you're welcome!

Wow Brian, am honored!
Thanks for thinking of me :)

Kev, my first xx for the day, lol
Love it!!

dr.capoon said...

H a p p y B i r t h d a y B l o n d i e ! ! !
Will we get some cakes today?

blondie said...

I dunno dr.c
Will have to wait and see.
Thanks :)

Babe said...

happy bday blondie. godless u more :)

blondie said...

Thanks Babe and I knew what you meant, hehe

Profit Hub said...

Happy Birthday Blondie! Congrats on daily posting as well! I hope you continue to have many more great birthdays and that you'll keep blogging for us!

blondie said...

Hey Gwen, Thanks!
You know how hard it can be sometimes to talk when you're not in the mood.
It's been a rough year so makes it even harder. Ah well, onward and upward eh?
Cheers to You and your blog!
Keep up the good work yourself.

Glenn said...

Happy Birthday Blondie and congrats on 6 straight months of daily blog posting ... that's awesome! Looking forward to all your future updates and valuable insight in online $$$ making opportunities.

Randy V said...

I hope today is very special for know you are special to so many people.

Happy Birthday Judy!!!!


blondie said...

Why Thank You Glenn and the daily blogging is not an easy task sometimes but I made a commitment to myself so am trying my best!

FYI, if anyone else stops by here, I'm almost out the door for the evening. A have a good dinner to go to and TG it's not me doing the cooking. (that's how I know it'll be good) hehe

Will post comments when I get back. Hope you all have a great day!
And thanks to everyone who caught me here.
Later (wave)

blondie said...

Randy Randy you just caught me!
Thanks Sweetie!
You're a very special person yourself you know?

Murre said...

Happy Birthday Blondie, have a very nice day and dinner. Thanks for all the work you're doing for us!


Ivan said...

Happy Birthday Judy!!!
Have a super nice birthday blast!
Just wanted to spam your blog here :D

Ivan said...

Oh yea, posting every day, lol. You are such a computer geek Blondie :D

Anonymous said...

Sorry I'm late...Hope you had a great one, and many more;)

blondie said...

Thank You Murre, My Pleasure :)

Ivan, funny guy, spamming my blog!
You calling me a geek? Look who's talkin! LOL Luv ya kiddo!

Not late MM. Just got home and had a great night. Thsnks for checking up on me.

Makubekz said...

Happy Birthday ^_^

blondie said...

Thanks Mak !
Cheers :)

ld randi said...

I am a bit late but...
Happy Birthday Blondie!
I wish you all the best!

by the way, just joined FundPrix under you, let's have some fun!

blondie said...

Better late than never!
Thanks Randi!!
and Thanks for joining FundPrix too. Yes if we play our cards right, we should all do well.