Monday, July 1, 2013

The Aether Advance Cycler Launches Today

And for those of you who didn't receive the Update about it, you can read it HERE
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Am gonna catch up on my reading and get ready.
Back in a few :)

Here's some STATS posted at 10:42 EST.
Then once the dust settled:

Cycler Launch & Contest Results!

Hey everyone! The Advance Cycler officially launched about an hour and a half ago. For those of you who haven't yet spent your line balance, feel free to do so at your convenience.
Overall the cycler performed as it should. A couple of positions did cycle out of order, but that is understandable, as there were thousands of positions purchased in just a few minutes. The majority of cycling occurred in a "next in line" style as it was intended to do.
Now, on to the contest results! The amount of positions purchased in the first hour after launch were 4544. The winners of the contest are as follows:

1st Place: Klcurtis2003 (4982) - $50 Cash + $25 Line
2nd Place: OnlineWebEarning (4985) - $25 Cash + $10 Line
3rd Place: Rebellion (3952) - $15 Cash + $5 Line

Congratulations to all of the winners! Your contest prizes will be added to your accounts momentarily.
There is still quite a bit in unspent line balances, and every day 20% of earnings are allocated to line balances, so more movement is sure to come. Be sure to purchase more positions in the lines as frequently as you can! And in the meantime until you cycle, you will continue to earn your daily earnings from your active plans.
Thanks to everyone who participated in the launch!
- Aether Advance Management

Someone asked me yesterday if we were having cake for my birthday. Well yes we did and as you can see Olivia was quite anxious for it. And TG they took off the hundred candles that were on it which showed my age! hehe

OK, getting back to business...

Adzibiz: will update shortly. I like to check at the 24 hour mark from when I first purchased.
** Update: have $19.05 in balance after 2 days with 2 ad units.

Aether Advance: the cycler launch was really fun this morning and checking my stats now I see that I'm up $1 from what I spent so... everything from now on is profit. Also this wasn't just a one time cycler. With a portion of our daily earnings going to line balance each day, we are able to purchase in the cycler every day or as soon as we have $1 in our line balance.
So Congrats to our Admin Yodaman who managed to pull this off almost perfectly. Just a little glitch here and there but no harm done.
As of 4:10 PM EST:
Here's a quick next to cycle update:
Line 1: 384
Line 2: 252
Line 3: 133
Line 4: 80
Line 5: 49
Line 6: 26
Line 7: 10
Line 8: 5
Line 9: 2
Line 10: 0

AdHitProfits is still slow but I imagine it will be this entire week. Today is a Canadian Holiday and Thursday is a US Holiday. So I do hope to see things pick up after that. Geez, hope I didn't jinx the site :(

RicanAdFunds and ismAdsIncome:
HERE IS the latest blog news from Russell.

I just logged into my RAF account and requested a $15 withdraw. Also found some helpful info in the forum:

All members of RAF, ISMADSINCOME or both must create an ISMMAGIC account.

Scenario 1: I am a member of ISMADSINCOME (ISMAI) only
Scenario 2: I am a member of RICANADFUNDS (RAF) only
Scenerio 3: I am a member of ISMAI and RAF

What will happen next?

If you are NOT a member of ISMMAGIC Social Network, you MUST join ISMMAGIC.

If your case is Scenario 1, you don't have to register in RAF.
If your case is Scenario 2, you don't have to register in ISMAI.

Based on the Country you set in your ISMMAGIC account
(that's why everybody should create an ISMMAGIC account),

- your balance will be added to ISMAI (if your Country is Non-European)
- your balance will be added to RAF (if your Country is European)

Let's wait until both sites (ISMAI and RAF) are live, and questions might be answered.
(More questions will be asked, probably)


AdClickXpress: wasn't going to mention them today but I must. In a word, they're just stupid.
They send me emails, they call me one of their VIP's, yet they don't approve my URL in the TE and/or answer a support ticket from June 22nd.
So they're just stupid. What other reason could there be?

OK, I need help.
I announced that I joined FundPrix here yesterday and I thank you for the great response. Now I'm thinking I should add their banner to my side bar but... I don't want someone to join without knowing the rules on how to play fair. So what to do, what to do?


Dennis said...

Concerning AdClickXpress, I think "stupid" is an understatement!

blondie said...

I agree, hahaha

dr.capoon said...

You can post the rules on your blog, and you can make an obvious remark above the banner (like you are putting a status of certain program) named "IMPORTANT RULES IN FundPrix - READ BEFORE REGISTERING" - with link to those rules on your blog.

blondie said...

I thought about that too DrC but it being a short term HYIP, I wouldn't want to display my URL for too long anyway. So I'll give that more thought.
Thanks :)