Monday, July 8, 2013

Happy Birthday Olivia

WoW! Can't believe Olivia Rae is 3 already.
They sure grow up fast, don't they?
Happy Birthday to my sweet little grand daughter!
Hope you don't eat too much cake today, lol
Love you lots!! xoxoxox

Aether Advance: doing great and I purchased more cycler units using my line balance and a little account balance that I transferred over. And for those of you watching your cycler lines:
Here's this morning's NIL:
Line 1: 666
Line 2: 383
Line 3: 193
Line 4: 107
Line 5: 63
Line 6: 33
Line 7: 13
Line 8: 6
Line 9: 2
Line 10: 0


Adzibiz: had a better rev share day yesterday at 4.2%
That's what I like to see, it's rising :)

AdHitProfits: also had a better day but not sure of the % there. All I know is my account went up dollars instead of just cents. Yay!

ClickPaid: just for the record... they still haven't figured out how to pay their Premium Plus members.
My suggestion: don't upgrade. It's not worth it.
Unfortunately all you can do now is try not to get the daily limit reached message when requesting a cash out. Sheesh :(

And a new program... TheAdsBazaar

I was notified of this one a couple of days ago but didn't have the time to check into it while I was babysitting.

Well, it launched today in pre-launch and to get the real deal on how you earn from your spend, you should register and read the "New Member Instructions" that are sent to your email box. Yes there is also a lot in the FAQ's but I think the email says more.

Now I personally don't know the Admin but the Co-Admin is Amanda from OpulentFunds which I understand made sure no one lost anything when OF closed.

This program will need some work on your part to get paid so you will need to check it daily and take the 10 or so minutes required to earn.

I'm gonna cheat in my post below (since it's so friggin hot in here) and copy an opening post from one of the forums. Then am off to make a spend since I haven't done that yet either, lol.
Looks to me like this program is for those of us who are serious about making money online.
I know I'm serious... I have to be.

And you know I'll talk more about it as I learn more.
Later :)) 

The Ads Bazaar

Basic Contract
Ad Reward Rate - 2.0% Daily every Business day for 80 days.
Minimum $10 - Maximum $199

Pro Contract

Ad Reward Rate - 2.23% Daily every Business day for 90 days.
Minimum $200 - Maximum $499

Exclusive Contract

Ad Reward Rate - 2.50% Daily Every Business day for 95 days.
Minimum $500 - Maximum $10,000

Spend $500 on our Exclusive Contract during the Pre-Launch, will instantly entitle you to our Founder Package.

Completion of minimum daily activities is mandatory for your chosen contract to earn rewards. No Rewards will be paid if daily activities are not completed. All Contracts pay only on Business days.

3 Levels Deep Referral Commission: 4%-2%-1%.



Brian said...

Happy Birthday to Olivia from New Zealand, hope she has a brilliant day.

Profit Hub said...

Wow!!!!!! Baby O is now little girl O! I can't believe it's been 3years already. I feel old. Oh well, lol. Happy birthday to your precious granddaughter!

blondie said...

Thanks Brian :)
I'm sure she IS having a brilliant day. She always does, lol

Hey Gwen,
We still call her Baby O sometimes even though she's not a baby any more. She answers to a lot of different nicknames she has.
You think YOU feel old!
Oh girl, you have no idea, hehe
Cheers :)

Randy V said...

She is such a cutie! Its hard to believe they grow up so fast. Landen was three in May and its amazing how he is changing. Sure wish we could keep them like this for a long time.

Happy Birthday Olivia!!!

blondie said...

Hi Randy,
Always good to see you.

Yep, she gets smarter every time I see her. Scary almost.
Oh and she loved her new golf clubs!

Take care now :)

ld randi said...

Happy Birthday Olivia! :-)

Randy V said...

Its never too early to get those golf clubs in her hands!!!

blondie said...

Randi and Randy,
Thanks to both of you for stopping by.

Gold Clubs = Scholarship
(we hope maybe)