Friday, July 12, 2013

New Rev Share Launching Monday...

And I will be joining.
I know I know, Rev Shares aren't doing all that great right now but for this one, I'm going to be there when it opens.
I made the mistake of joining the others later in the game and I apologize to you for writing about them. I should have known better. But on the other hand, they seem to be holding their own and paying daily which is still a good sign.

OK so the new one I'll call "ACB".
(so as not to get it confused with the other 5-6 opening)
- Shares will be a low cost of $5.00
- EgoPay and STP will be accepted.
- ROI per share will be around 120%
- 100% of the revenue will be shared.
- Earnings are credited every 30 minutes.
- Auto-repurchase feature (will come in handy).
- Will have spots where extra advertising can be purchased.
- There is No prelaunch. When it opens, it opens.
- The Web design will probably be generic but who cares? As long as it works ugly is fine by me :)
- Will have features like PIF shares and week's vacation option.
- Surf only 5 for 20 seconds each (subject to change).
- Referral commission will be 10% 1st level and 5% 2nd level.

Now here's the cool part...
Yodaman (Admin of Aether Advance) will be my Upline.
Any RC he receives from us (1st and 2nd level) will be added to the AA fund pool to help with those expenses. Neat huh?

All of the above is subject to change before Monday but I wanted to give you a preview as soon as I got word.

I'll be back with updates.

TheAdsBazaar: did my activities there this morning and it went fast :) Now just watching my earnings grow while waiting for the official launch.
PS if you already joined, then you know that Amanda does some great updates.

AetherAdvance: received a payout yesterday (thanks Yoda) and today moved a few more funds from cash balance to line balance so I could purchase a couple more cycler spots. You know... I haven't really been watching the numbers like I normally would, but I know I'm in good hands so just let it run wild.
This was posted earlier today:
TGIF! Here's the NIL for today:
Line 1: 790
Line 2: 449
Line 3: 234
Line 4: 114
Line 5: 68
Line 6: 34
Line 7: 14
Line 8: 6
Line 9: 2
Line 10: 0

I'm not sure if I'll be able to post a NIL list for tomorrow, it'll be a pretty busy day for me. If not, I'll have an update for you guys on Sunday! Alrighty, off to process those withdrawals. smile.gif

Adzibiz and AdHitProfits: both are earning albeit a bit lower than previously. Well they're not new anymore so maybe it is time for them both to settle down into a decent daily percentage. Still it's more than I can earn putting it in the bank, lol

NEOMutual: paid again yesterday for my weekly request!
Thanks Admin

ClickPaid: I need to go check. Back in a bit.
OK back. My withdraw is still pending since 7/10.
You think I'll get it tonight? One could only hope.
Of course you'll be the first to know when I do.
Oh and... they still haven't fixed their Auto-Withdraw for us Premium Plus members. Sad.

AdClickXpress: on July 9th I submitted a new URL in their TE. Of course it's still pending. Also asked them when they first opened (in mid June?) for a 125x125 banner (in the rare case I may want to post it)... it's still not available. Well... what's left to say.

Was chatting with a smart young friend this morning and gave him a tip on how to make friends, not enemies (online). He's a good kid but had an idea that would have put me through the roof had he done it!! Happy to say he listened to my logic and changed his tune about the matter. But I did have to remind him...


dr.capoon said...

Thanks for ACB, will eagerly wait for link, as I've heard a good things about admin.

blondie said...

Yep me too.
Any friend of Yoda's is a friend of ours :)

doomcrew said...

I'll be jumping onboard with you on monday, looking forward to the run as I got in too late in the others.

blondie said...

Same here DC.
Glad to see you around :)

Anonymous said...

we are under yoda in another group for ACB. good luck to everyone of us! cheers Judy


blondie said...

Thanks Jojo,
Good Luck to you too!