Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Bottoms Up

Starting from the bottom links...

Payment Schedule Update
written by Russell ISMmagic, July 23, 2013 

We have called the funds down to STP to make the payments and we reasonably expected them to arrive yesterday. We are still waiting for them to arrive, when they do I will re-publish the payments schedule.

ClickPaid: still down. Trying to find out what's going on but no answers yet.
* Later in the day... site still down and no word from anyone. Also removed from my banner list.

AdClickXpress: later today when I receive my daily earning for the Ad Packs I purchased, will have enough in my account to purchase another.
Also had enough in my balance to request another withdraw, which I did. Will let you know when I receive it.
* Got Paid! Same day as request. WoW! Thanks ACX.

NEOMutual: the no drama program that just keeps on ticking. Will do my regular w/d request this Thursday.

AdHitProfits: still offline but there is a news update on the page.

Adzibiz: still moving although earnings are extremely low.
I should have known better. I got in too late. (sigh)
* Reading forums and hearing that Admin is no where to be found, the site may be on auto-pilot now. Dang it. Removing the link from my side bar as we speak. Don't want any new members coming in without reading my posts.
But if you DO get to $20 in your account, I read that STP are still Instant Payments.

TheAdsBazaar: going there now to do my 'activities' and will be back after that.

AetherAdvance: everything's going smooth, running since June 3rd is damn near a miracle, lol. Our Admin Yodaman has done a great job taking care of the every day duties associated with the program. Kudos to you Yoda!
* Was paid again today! YaY! 

- Been thinking about these types of programs lately and I don't think I need to remind you, do not compound for too long. I made that mistake in Adzibiz... re-purchased with what I was earning plus the referral commissions I received. So now, I'll be at a loss too if the program doesn't return to a decent daily paying program. Maybe I just got greedy, or stupid, but I should have gotten my "seed" money out while I had the chance. Now I believe it may be too late for that one. So just a lesson to be learned. Myself included :(

AdCashBlast: daily revenue share is quite low right now, and I gave a couple of reasons for that in yesterday's post. I just bought a "Blaster" and if I win anything, I'll use the money to purchase a new ad pack to 'hopefully' help out.


That's me at my piano... said...

Hi Blondie,

Re CP - there will be a new Click Paid in 1-2 weeks. Thats the news coming up when trying to open the site as of yesterday eve.

blondie said...

Thanks Roland,
The site was being weird for me last night so I gave up on it. But I do see the notice now.
Have a good day!