Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hump Day

AdCashBlast: will post my stats after my 48 hours are up. Won't be long.
- Note that our Rev Share earnings will process every two hours (rather than 30 minutes) until the site can handle the load.
- No surfing is required at this time. Admin will notify when it is reactivated.
- Checked my stats an hour later today since I bought at two separate times during the first hour. First set has earned back 58.8% and the 2nd set 45.2%. So bottom line is I have over half of my seed money back already :)

Here's a good Update that just came in also:

Dear Members,
I have two important updates today to share with you.

First off, we will be kicking off a referral contest starting now which will end on Monday. This will be for new referrals which become pro members and the top prize will be $500. Second prize will be $300 and 3rd prize will be $100.


Three of you will walk away with a nice cash bonus to your payment processor in 5 days, good luck!

Secondly, I will be adding a feature that I think you will all enjoy called the Ad Cash Blaster. This new feature will allow members to buy positions in the blaster for $5. Every 5 Days there will be a random selection of 5 winners who will receive a cash bonus and the rest of the funds will be shared to all members shares.

Simple but effective!

This system will be completed in the next 24 hrs as well as running some more tests on the surf system.

As of now the system is running very smooth and on it's own! This also means that there will be earnings 24 hrs a day from now on at 2 hr intervals!

100% of all sales revenue generated during the past two hours is shared over the next two hours.

We are currently having more resources added to our server to handle the load that the surf brings, but this will not be noticeable until the surf goes live again.

When I do bring the surf live again, it will NOT be a requirement to surf just yet. But I do ask that when you notice the links you take a minute to surf a few pages. Once the system is optimized perfectly we can deal with the surf requirement. I will update more on the surf as we go.

In the meantime please enjoy the earnings that are taking place each 2 hours! Have a great time!

Thank you,
Ad Cash blast Admin 

AetherAdvance: per Admin...
Here's Wednesday's NIL:
Line 1: 923
Line 2: 509
Line 3: 276
Line 4: 132
Line 5: 78
Line 6: 35
Line 7: 16
Line 8: 7
Line 9: 3
Line 10: 1
All withdrawals have been processed smile.gif

And a nice update just came in:

Hello everyone!
Our apologies for taking so long to receive an email update from us. Everything has been functioning as it should and we are continuing to make our daily payments to our members. We have also been constantly looking for various other outside sources of income to supplement our advertising package sales.
Since the Advance Cycler launched on July 3rd, nearly 2,000 positions have cycled paying just under $10,000 to Cash Balances! Thats a lot of cycling in two weeks! We hope you all are enjoying those bonuses.
We are focused on continuing to work hard to help you achieve success.
- Aether Advance Management

ClickPaid: I'm still getting some RC here and there. Well, the members probably can't withdraw so might as well spend it :(
Withdrawing has become very difficult and the Premium Plus Members do not have any advantage over Basic members from what I can tell. Shame.

RicanAdFunds: saw 2 payment proofs from July 1st requests in the forum just a few minutes ago. I also have a July 1st w/d request submitted so will let you know if I get it or if those folks just got lucky.

I just submitted a program URL to advertise at ShowBizHits and EasyHits4U and it took a few seconds to get it approved for viewing.

Now... why in the world does AdClickXpress take days or weeks to let our sites go live? Kinda stupid, don't you think?
Still waiting on one submitted on July 9th. It's just sitting there getting no action. (shaking my head)

Carl Pearson? You reading this???
Wish you would and then do something to help your program.
I paid to advertise yet my sites are sitting dormant.

Oh and you never give me the 125x125 banner that I asked for when it first opened. Guess you don't want me to share my link with anyone else.


Pam Mwantep said...

I quite agree with you on the clickpaid issue. It took me almost a week of persistent trial to get one withdrawal request successful through Okpay.
My fingers are crossed to see when it will be processed considering the rumours that they have scamed. I will update you on the withdrawal.

blondie said...

Well my last one WAS processed but the one before that was cancelled.
Good Luck and I do hope you get it fast!

Anonymous said...

Nahh too much crybabies in ACB mmg thread. And to think that these whiners are mostly passive, non-recruiting people 0.o . as much as i want to help, i cant.



blondie said...

And some of those mmg'ers are not even involved in the program, yet they have the nerve to insult those who are.
Shame what a bunch of idiots are out there these days.

Anonymous said...

yes judy i got a group of non-mmg'ers on my back, their leader is a reader of you black. Cheers



blondie said...

I'm sure you meant to say blog, lol
Well, I can't control how people interpret my words. I try to be as clear as I can.
No clue who that person is.
You can email me any time.
Night :)