Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday and More Rain and the New Rev Share Tomorrow

Yesterday it rained really hard here. Enough to cause flooding only a few miles from me. Today is supposed to be the same but worse. Well, we're coming into our Monsoon Season now so these days may be typical. I'm going to be out later but hope to be back before the big storm to keep an eye on things.

Don't forget to check back here tomorrow morning as I will be posting the New Revenue Share Program "ACB" as soon as I get the OK.

TheAdsBazaar: I was under the impression that TAB only paid daily earnings on business days but after completing my tasks yesterday, I was paid. Excellent :)

AetherAdvance: daily NIL Cycler stats:

Sorry for not being able to post the NIL yesterday! It was a pretty busy day. I was able to keep up with processing payments so that has to count for something. happy.gif

Here's Sunday's NIL:

Line 1: 850
Line 2: 473
Line 3: 252
Line 4: 123
Line 5: 71
Line 6: 34
Line 7: 14
Line 8: 6
Line 9: 2
Line 10: 0


dr.capoon said...

To be honest about TAB earnings, I had the same impression like you, and was nicely surprised to see those earnings on weekend days coming to balance also.
Also would like to add, after requesting a withdrawal, 25% that is for mandatory repurchasing, is all done by program itself. So there is no need to do anything, we simply get another contract added below existing ones.

blondie said...

Good to know DrC, Thanks!
I haven't withdrawn yet so am still learning. Cheers :)