Thursday, July 25, 2013

Now That's One Responsive Admin

Received an email this morning asking for the
AetherAdvance next-in-line cycler numbers, so I asked Admin for them and received in a matter of minutes!
Well, since you asked..

Line 1: 1154
Line 2: 606
Line 3: 327
Line 4: 148
Line 5: 91
Line 6: 39
Line 7: 16
Line 8: 7
Line 9: 3
Line 10: 1

Alrighty, off to process those withdrawals. wave.gif

AdCashBlast: earnings went up an additional 12 cents in each of my Ad Packs since I wrote the numbers down yesterday, which was approx 20 hours ago. That's a good sign :)
* Requested a payment earlier today and was paid super fast!
Thanks Admin

TheAdsBazaar: off to do my daily M-F activities. Now don't forget you have to do that if you're an upgraded member else you won't earn anything for that day.

AdHitProfits: still offline but they are keeping their page updated.

NEOMutual: going to request my weekly cash out now :)
Yes I do it weekly to save on processor fees.

AdClickXpress: expecting a payment today that I requested yesterday. Will update when I receive it.
* And it just arrived:
Your SolidTrust Pay account has been credited with $26.64.
Member Name: adclickxpress

PS, my earning today was lower than normal because of something they needed to adjust. There is an update about that in your News area. FYI

RicanAdFunds: no new news yet. Watching.

Where did my Skunk picture go?
How did I lose it? I'm confused.
I'll have to look around for the picture CD I might have it on. It's times like this that I wish I was more organized.

TheAdsBazaar Update:
Here we are, we have modified a few suggestions about rewarding weekend posters and come up with something that should be fun for all members!

Firstly, do bear in mind that every member regardless of whether you have Active Contracts or not earns AdCredits for posting during weekdays and Weekends.

On to the fun bit. This is also a universal excercise, all members can participate. Simply Log on and do your posting. Then post your user id, title of image(s) posted and Category posted in, here :

Official Forum:

MMG Forum:

We will select 5 random winners on Sunday for Saturday's postings and 5 random winners on Monday for Sunday's postings. Once we verify that you did post, you will be credited $10 that you can use to purchase a Contract, if you don't have one, or add to your existing contracts.

Aside from the posting, there is only one other rule, you have to post to the above 2 threads.

This has triggered many interesting ideas and we'll be sending them your way.

Let's rock this weekend! Once again, a sincere thank you to all those members that come forward with these great suggestions, you're making a difference.

The Ads Bazaar Management


One last thing, I did join that new program today and am studying all the pages and information. Will update about it tomorrow and also share my link. It's pretty cool and a lot more than what I originally expected.

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