Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Last Day of July

ClickPaid: for those watching the updates, the newest one is linked to the bottom of their main page, or you can find it HERE.

AdClickXpress: still waiting for a support ticket reply that was sent over four days ago. I'm hoping to get a positive answer from my question and will let you know all about it when I do.
UPDATE: was paid again today from yesterday's request ;)

AetherAdvance: posted this morning Eastern time:
Here's a quick NIL List for today:
Line 1: 1322
Line 2: 672
Line 3: 360
Line 4: 161
Line 5: 102
Line 6: 41
Line 7: 18
Line 8: 8
Line 9: 3
Line 10: 1

RicanAdFunds update:
Payment Update
written by Russell ISMmagic, July 31, 2013 

Richard is currently out of the UK and is trying to obtain permission from STP to access our account to make payments from his current location.
He will be back in the UK next week.

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