Saturday, July 20, 2013

Lots of News Today so working on that now :)

My blog page views still don't look right but at least the numbers are settling down a bit. Not sure what happened but oh well... no big deal.

RicanAdFunds: well here's a shocker...

Your SolidTrust Pay account has been credited with $15.00.
Details are:

Member Name: rican

That was my first pay request made on July 1st.
Thanks R & R for coming through :) and here's their latest update if you haven't seen it yet:

Withdrawal Payment Schedule
written by Russell ISMmagic, July 20, 2013

We successfully processed a few withdrawals via STP on Wednesday (17th July) using the new api.

Richard is training James today on our internal payment procedures, he will take responsibility for this function thereafter.

Our planned payments schedule is as follows

Pay Date - Pay Requests up to

22nd July - 3rd July
23rd July - 7th July
24th July - 10th July
25th July - 14th July
26th July - 17th July
30th July - 21st July
31st July- 24th July

Thereafter we will pay withdrawals 1 week in arrears

In view of the issues regarding payment of withdrawals the ability request withdrawals of $15 without a Magic code is being extended to 31st July.


Hey gmail users...
What do you think of their new inbox with our emails being categorized? I don't care for it. My blog comments go to Social now waiting to be approved rather than my Primary inbox. Sooooo might take me a little longer now to see your comment and get it published. Just so you know.

I won't post it here but to those of you in FundPrix, the email we received from fundprix2 is legit. It is not made up and what they wrote really did happen. Now, I have another 1/2 hour to check my own account to see if it affected me or not. Hope not but will let you know.
* Looks like my account is OK. Whew! Thanks DJ!!

AdCashBlast: will post my stats in a couple of hours but in the meantime:
Dear Members,
Just a quick reminder that the AD CASH BLASTER WINNERS will be chosen at 6 PM PST, in just over 7 hours from now!
If you have not bought a position, now is the time to do it, with a chance for 5 members to win 5% of the entire pot!
Right now we have sold 119 positions for a total of $595! All the remaining funds will be distributed evenly to all ad packs in the system!
See you all at the drawing and have a great day.
Ad Cash Blast Admin

A little later in the day:
Ad Cash Blaster Positions Total Sold: 131

And my Stats for today are:
99.6% for positions bought at launch time (almost profit!)
89.6% for positions bought 50 mins after launch
and 38.2% for pos's bought on 7/17 at 18:02 server time.

Way late in the day then I'm logging off:

Dear Members,
It is my pleasure to announce the results of the Ad Cash blaster!

Pos #27 choppergirl77
Pos #56 aftrusoon
Pos #60 superprogram
Pos #91 MLamano
Pos #109 cashreal72


We had a total of 135 sold positions valued at $675! 25% of the sales ($168.75) goes to the winners, this means that each winner now has $33.75 in their account!

The remainer ($506.25) is split to ad packages on the next run!

The next Ad Cash Blaster will take place Monday evening at 6 PM PST.

Thank you and have a great rest of your weekend!

Ad Cash Blast Admin

AdHitProfits: if you haven't been playing the "Treasure Chest" game, you probably should if you have time. Sounds like members are earning MORE from that than their daily rev share earnings. I personally only clicked on it a few times but maybe today if I find myself sitting with nothing better to do, might give it a shot.

BUT... I tried it 3 times today and then the "Treasure Chest" disappeared. So I have no clue what those others are talking about :(

AdClickXpress: So did all you ACXers see this update?

Support News
July 19th 2013
Minimum Withdrawal Limit Now Reduced!
You can now withdraw a Minimum of $10 per Day per Payment Processor!
This is being offered to Members for only a LIMITED TIME, so take advantage NOW!
If you have $10 or more in your ACX account, you can simply withdraw it!
Note: previously you needed a minimum of $20 in your ACX Account in order to withdraw funds.
Tell everyone you know to join ACX so they can get their $10 Free Test Drive!
To your Continued Success,
The Ad Click Xpress Support Team

Well it makes sense. They want more members to cash out in hopes of more good forum or facebook posts. And for those who were struggling to get to $20 in their balance, this will be good for you too.
Now, if they would just get our URL's approved in the TE in a reasonable amount of time, I could almost stop complaining, LOL

PS, testing the new withdrawal at around 1 PM my time.
You have successfully requested a $15.00-withdrawal from your referral Balance!

Just to add: about 5:06 PM my time...
Your SolidTrust Pay account has been credited with $14.40.
Details are:
Member Name: adclickxpress


danish said...

Hi Judy,
I didn't like the new system and chose to opt out of it. All my e-mails still go into just one inbox.
G-mail gives you the choice as to which system you want to use, so you should be able to do it as well.

blondie said...

Thanks Dave,
Now I gotta find how to opt-out of it, lol

Have a good weekend!

blondie said...

Never mind, found it!
Sometimes it pays to "read the instructions"