Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Busy Nine Days Here

I have a lot of stuff going on between my birthday last Sunday and Olivia's 3rd birthday this coming Monday. So if I'm slower than usual, now you know why. 

Two people asked me today about my stats in Adzibiz so here we go:
I joined on June 29th and try to check my Rev Share every 24 hours from when I purchased my ad packs.
June 30th = 12.8%
July 1st = 11.6%
July 2nd = 10.7%
July 3rd = 9.3%
Sure it's a tad lower each day but still a damn good amount and nothing to sneeze at :)

Aether Advance: Today is our One Month Anniversary at AA and everything has been great. It's been awesome to receive the daily earning like clockwork and the cycler should be considered a bonus IMO.
Purchased a couple more cycler positions with my line balance and noticed some forum posts from members who have cycled. Congrats!
Most recent cycler stats from about 6:30 AM EST:
Just stopping in for a minute, here's a quick update on the NIL:
Line 1: 496
Line 2: 298
Line 3: 157
Line 4: 87
Line 5: 53
Line 6: 28
Line 7: 10
Line 8: 5
Line 9: 2
Line 10: 0

AdHitProfits: kind of lost track of the stats there but trying to find out now how it's going. My guess is not all that great. But like I said before, maybe next week will bring a new slew of purchases.
OK my friend tells me yesterday was 0.3% ouch
But THIS was kind of interesting. No I'm not bashing either program but I've seen others who do. Shame.

NEO Mutual is doing fine and since I'll be out tomorrow afternoon, I'll request my weekly payout on Friday instead.

Click Paid: sent a support ticket asking why my auto-repurchase / auto-withdraw isn't working since I've become a Premium Plus member and activated that feature? And they said:

Thank you for contacting Click Paid regarding Aoto-Withdrawal.
Our IT department is aware of this issue, and working diligently to resolve the issue as soon as possible.
Thank you for being a valuable member of Click Paid!

Well OK then, I'll look for a payment soon.

Ad Click Xpress: "Advertising Success At Its Best!" ass!!
They don't approve advertising URL's in a reasonable amount of time. They don't answer support tickets in a reasonable amount of time either. So if you pay to advertise and can't... what's the point?
Wake Up AdClickXpress!
Let's see that zooming you keep writing about!

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Anonymous said...

I watched the vid yesterday, and to be honest I don't see as much bashing that would do any damage at all to AHP as much as the lies being told about the revenue streams that could cause unsuspecting folks to mortgage their homes on the premise that this is a thriving real business. The ads are probably somewhat effective for those who use them, but hardly a viable income that would help admin pay out rebates. The evidence of that is in the current rate. Just my opinion, and thanks for posting those stats on adzibiz.